How to be Successful in Life

How to be successful in life, as tempting as it is. Huh! Success, the word being so attractive that some of us even presume it an unachievable fantasy.

And such are the unfortunate ones who never even try. Often even considered as ripe grapes which only the lucky ones could lay their hands on. 


What if I tell you that’s all isn’t about luck, It isn’t about your intelligence or the unalterable biological brain you are born with. What if I tell you that today’s you, is contributing to what tomorrow’s you become.

Your actions, your words, and most importantly your thoughts, are summing up and everything acts as a determinant of personality which decides what you become. Capable of attaining success or prone to failures? If you want success, you must be willing to know how to be successful in life.

The law of attraction

Whilst, in recent years, The Secret and the Law of Attraction, in particular, has come to pervade the success marketplace, Napoleon Hill is famous for his work on the Laws of Success. That’s laws – in the plural. Success is not dependent upon a single law like the Law of Attraction; there’s also, for example, the Law of Cause and Effect to consider.


However, in this article, I want to focus on what, exactly, is meant by the notion of ‘law’. After all – as far as I know – there is no law that says you are going to become successful is there? The best way to understand what is meant by the word ‘law’, when used in this context, is to consider the Law of Gravity. We all know what it is and how it works so I won’t explain that but if we think about it, is it really a law? Personally, I think the answer is ‘yes’: it is a law that cannot be broken and it, therefore, operates whether we like it or not.

So too is the Law of Attraction – the basic idea is that whatever is turning up in your life right now has been created (or attracted) by you somehow. When you think about it, the above statement encompasses both the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect because the effect is whatever is turning up in your life; and the cause(s) is/are the methods you used (usually unknowingly) to attract it.

So, we can see that the basic laws of success – just like the law of gravity – operate whether we like them or not. The concept of obeying the law is exactly the same as for the law of gravity. We do not walk over the edge of a cliff, for example; that is how we obey the law of gravity. Similarly, we obey the Laws of Success by acting in a manner that is consistent with the way the law operates and the results we expect to ensue.


What makes successful Entrepreneurs distinct?

There have been various studies trying to answer this question. And the predictions have been made like they are more prone to take risks, have strong social skills, and are very convincing. But Shaver Kelly, Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at the College of Charleston says 

 “They really don’t care as much,” “They’re just happy to go ahead and do what they’re doing.”

Shaver Kelly

They’re less bothered about what opinions others have or what others might think and say. These are the people who when imagining failure, give out everything they have and they could to avoid it. 

how to be successful in life

You don’t have to compromise your future either, you don’t have to compromise your success. Assess your psychological approach on your capacity to success, what do you see?

I hope that you see all that it needs to be a successful personality. For those who don’t, not everything is lost for them, It’s achievable, just keep reading.

1. Love to work:

If work is a burden then success is a mirage. Because if you consider work as a burden, then you are more inclined towards avoiding or at least not missing any opportunity where you procrastinate

I bet you’ll find one thing common among all the successful people is that they’re hard-working and they love to do it. They get exhausted by the end of the day but still smile because they have drained themselves for a cause.

Remember, hard work brings elation and delight whereas laziness brings regret and grief. 

Hence, This is an important characteristic of successful people.

Ask yourself why do you work? If you are thinking that you work for a living then I’m sorry, you’re not the successful type. Work is a punishment imposed on you where you drag yourself out of the comforts of your laziness to do something you don’t enjoy. 

Acclaimed writer and thinker Barry Schwartz have tried to answer this question in his book Why We Work.

If you don’t love work, you don’t love success. If you want to reach the top, you climb your way up. You can taste success if you manage to be among those who lose themselves when at work. Do you enjoy playing? Working out? Puzzles? That’s work too. 

According to a massive report published in 2013 by Gallup, the Washington, D.C.-based polling organization, there are twice as many “actively disengaged” workers in the world as there are “engaged” workers who like their jobs.

Your commitment is more important than even your motivation. Success might just want more, work for the sake of getting the work done, not for the reward. Let the completion of the task be your reward.

2. How to be successful in life by FOCUS

You have aims in life, and success is the accomplishment of your objectives of yours. If you want to hit the target, you need to focus. A slight distraction could lead to diversion. You want to know how to be successful in life, have your vision in your sight, aim for it, focus. This will keep you going. 

The preliminary requisite to attain focus is to get rid of distractions. Scientists from Hokkaido University in Japan said that their findings show that it is harder to concentrate when one of the electronic gadgets is present. That’s not the only distraction though, but a prominent one hence mentionable. 

3. Learn to rise after every fall.

A smooth ride is not how to be successful in life. The pathway we’re talking about isn’t a ripple-less uninterrupted steady road. 

The pathway to success is fraught, rough, and full of surprises and unexpected consequences. Don’t let failures bring you down.

feel more powerful

4. Believe in yourself for a successful life

What keeps you glued to your purpose is your belief. Have faith in yourself more than you would in anyone else. This keeps you more motivated than anything else. Know how to keep you motivated to keep your faith in yourself intact. 

Be independent, don’t have expectations from people. You’ll have fewer disappointments to face. 

And try to leverage your self-confidence by achieving small goals, this will keep you going in the long run. 

Things don’t fall in order for us, and if you expect them to, then you are making a blunder. And if you’re utterly adamant, you are presumably going to collide with a hurdle and damage your motivational level.

5. Don’t be rigid

Things don’t fall in order for us, and if you expect them to, then you are making a blunder. And if you’re utterly adamant, you are presumably going to collide with a hurdle and damage your motivational level. 

You need to be flexible to adjust and accommodate yourself according to the situation and its demands. Some things are unalterable, so are the practical situations, but you aren’t. Be malleable and flow through the hurdles without causing a ruckus. 

hourglass time

6. Don’t waste your time

According to a new study they claim that you’re wasting 21.8 hours a week. And that sounds very unconvincing and painfully intolerable on the paper, but the fact remains unchanged. 

Want to kill your success, procrastinate. There’s no point in knowing how to be successful in life till you know and acknowledge the most crucially important resource you’re going to need for the journey, time. You don’t have it, you have nothing, you are annihilated. 

Respect time, and it will make sure you’re paid back. Make an obligatory daily schedule. Don’t spare yourself if you happen to waste time if you’re not your own foe. 

7. Eat healthily

Even if you have time, for any action to take place, you need to be in a healthy state. As rightly said, “a healthy mind needs a healthy body”. You need to feel that energy, that drive, that zeal that keeps you aspiring for more, which keeps you motivated. Your body should support your aspirations and aid you in attaining it. 

For this, give your body what it needs, feed it right, and move it right. Your body is what you eat, be very specific, selective, choosy, and picky in what you’re feeding your greatest asset, your physical existence. 

8. Increase your knowledge

The more knowledge you have, the better decisions you can take. Knowledge psychologically elevates your personality. And this elevation provides you with a level of self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Acquisition and retention of information imply that when you speak, you don’t speak rubbish. You speak in the light of the knowledge you possess and hence are listened to.

One more very mentionable aspect of this is the acquisition of knowledge from a knowledgeable one, people are more reliable than books sometimes. Because situations are not mentioned in a book, people can guide you in situations based on their experience. 

You may get information from books, but you get wisdom from those who have it already. 

9. No excuses

Find a way to relate a mistake to yourself than relating it to other factors. This way you’ll have a better chance of avoiding mistakes in the future. And also you’ll be in control of things, which is extremely important.

No matter what, train yourself so that your subconscious is always focused on your betterment. Finding what went wrong and how to ameliorate it. You cannot change the external factors but you can change your approach. 

10.  Live in the present

Let not your past haunt you, not your future keep you disrupted. What has happened cannot be undone and what is going to happen is unknown. What you have with you now in the present, see what best you can make out of it. 

to forgive

We have a very short span of life to afford to spare some for hatred. Why spoil our hearts and rupture our spiritual purity for something we didn’t do. Besides, you’ll always have an upper hand if you’re forgiving. 

What has happened cannot be undone. Forgive yourself and forgive others. What’s best in your favor is to plan what’s ahead.

Learn to move on, and you’ll have lots of admirers too.

A Mueed

12. Being realistic is how to be successful in life

Don’t be fictitious, supermans and superheroes do exist, but without superpowers. Your superpower is not the implausible ability to fly or incredulous strength. Your superpower is the ability to make your dreams come true. So how to be successful in life is by making your dreams come true.

In the meantime, know your limits. Consider that you’re a human and you have needs, you need rest and sleep. Only then you’ll be able to use your body efficiently. Don’t burn out yourself

Planning daily schedule

13. Have a plan to be successful

Success is not imminent, it takes time and planning to be successful in life. Have a strategy that leads to your destiny in a realistic timeline. A good one indeed. 

Predict the shortcuts and hurdles and strategize the solutions. Then stick to it. And yes, always have a plan B.

14. Wish for others what you wish for yourself

If you’re selfish, then I’d rather not wish you success, nobody would. Being good, generous, humble, and sympathetic is a crisp post of being successful in life. 

A spiritual awakening will take you to the heights of ecstasy. Where you’ll feel grateful for all that you have, pleased with what you do, till it’s good. Spirituality is about being a complete human being, with all the valuable attributes a human shall possess. 

Being selfless, sympathetic, and empathetic is a significant spiritual quality that makes you distinct. If people’s happiness pleases you then you will experience the joy of living. And that’s how to be successful in life.

14. Think positive to attract positive things for you

Think positively, be realistically optimistic, keep up the motivation and let go of regrets.

Your success is inevitable if you have the willpower that keeps you driving irrespective of what situations and outcomes you face. Keep moving, oversee the limitations that lie ahead, success isn’t bargainable, you have to fulfill its demands.

15 Don’t burn out

In the meantime, know your limits. Consider that you’re a human and you have needs, you need rest and sleep. Only then you’ll be able to use your body efficiently. Don’t burn out yourself.