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See Through Hearts

“Purify your heart to see through”

Motivation, spirituality, communication skills and psychology

The three aspects of personality development


Awaken your spirituality

Spirituality is an essential ingredient of a good personality. No, we’re not going to speak about auras and in air elevations. I’m just going to tell you about the spiritual purity, about having a pure heart and how important is spiritual awakening.


Develop your soft skills

We all want to upgrade our personality and good for us that we can. Upgrade your set of skills, learn the art of communication, improve your communication skills, get the confidence level you require for success. You will find relevant content here.


Know your psychology

Know and understand yourself to tweak your personality and know about others to deal with them. Behaviour, the reason behind the way we and the people behave, and how shall we react to certain types of behaviour.

How to be Successful in Life

How to be Successful in LifeHow to be successful in life, as tempting as it is. Huh! Success, the word being so attractive that some of us even presume it an unachievable fantasy. And such are the unfortunate ones who never even try. Often even considered as the ripe...

Growth Mindset

How to have a growth mindset Don't you think that the word growth mindset has anything to do with growth, progress, and success? This post is for you if you're willing to accomplish success. I mean if you want to know how to have success you must know how to have a...

10 tips to avoid failure in life and enjoy success.

You must avoid failure in life. Follow these 10 tips to avoid failure in life.

How to get motivated

It is important to know how to get motivated and also how to stay motivated. Here are some ways you can achieve it.

8 Reasons Why you need a Daily Schedule Immediately

8 Reasons Why you need a Daily Schedule NowWhy do we need a daily schedule? Because life is time and time is life. Every second is the currency we’re spending to stay among the living ones and the moment we run out of it, we move out of it. The value of time shall...

Let me help you

You may consult us for any assistance regarding the topics we deal with. we will be obliged to be of any help to you. Please make a note that this is in no way a substitute for professional consultancy and we will not be giving any medical prescription too. 

We will be responding to queries which are relevant to my topic which we discuss on this website and blog. Just know that we’re here for you if you need to talk. 


I am a psychology major, I work for a school but am more of a student than a teacher. Love to learn from what I see around me. I like to see how every personality is different and that how can we develop a personality. I believe a personality development program shall have spiritual development along with skill training all in the light of psychology. And by spirituality i mean purity of heart from the negative emotions. I would be pleased to be of any help to you if I could. Moreover it is to be noted that this is not a substitute for a professional assistance hence no prescription of any sort is provided here. 

Abdul Mueed Qazi

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