Omg! The Best Advantages Of Self-motivation Ever!

What is motivation

You do a lot of tasks, oftentimes it so happens that you have a strong desire to do a certain thing. That desire could be the simple term used for motivation. Self-Motivation in that sense is just the desire you could create on your own.

Motivation is like fuel, which drives you towards getting what you want through the task at hand. The level of motivation has the capacity to surpass the percentage of success probability or danger involved.

And self-motivation is the ability to regenerate the energy in your journey to success.

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Why do we need Motivation

Motivation, as I said is the fuel, and if you want the vehicle running, you’re going to need some fuel, the more the merrier.
As simple as that, the more fuel you’ve got, the farther you can reach.

Your achievements are going to be in proportion to your motivation level. Make sure you have enough of it.

Some events consume a lot of it though. The more challenging the event is, the higher is the demand for motivation. This hence plays a crucial role in personal development and success.

Especially for those who can convert their failure to motivation. This is one of the major factors which creates self-motivation.


What is Self-Motivation

When you’re capable of generating the energy, determination, aspiration, and spirit to start your journey towards your goal then you can self-motivate yourself.

It’s about being independent for the requirement of determination. It’s when you can convince yourself to stand and move, just start the action with no requirement of an external trigger.


Self-motivated students for instance are more reliable in performance as the external factors of motivation are always subject to uncertainty. And also, more of it could lose its effectiveness over time.

Imagine being regularly boosted by a teacher and the parents, it might just turn out to be too much to handle, or even annoying sometimes.

What if you don’t have it?

People who can’t motivate themselves are the dependent ones. If you always need someone else to convince you to take any action then bear in mind that they’re not always going to be there. At least not for most of the time.

Normal life is after all normal, but if you have a desire to be exceptional, which most of us have then you need to rely on yourself more than anyone else.

And apart from other things motivation is the one thing you’re going to need most, after all, it triggers change.


Change is the only constant in our lives, and for every positive change, you need positive motivation.

A Mueed Qazi

The best trigger is inbuilt

We all need that fire lit to get us on board, well most of the time if not always, at least certainly for me. How about you yourself being that mine which yields fuel? That would be great, isn’t it?

Well, that’s what self-motivation is all about. It’s about being self-consistent in the long run.

Being dependent is always a limitation. And limitations keep you from getting what you want. You can’t reach your goal depending on others for the required resource to attain your desired outcome.

This dependency on others if not stop you then it will certainly slow you down. You’ve got a fast pacing life, remember to make your choices of beliefs very wisely.

Go for a life coaching session if you find yourself stuck at some point in this.

Consistency is the key to success

It isn’t enough to start a task, congratulations if you have but there’s a lot more needed to get where you want to be. In fact, starting could oftentimes be the easiest part of it all.

The challenge lies ahead when you face the hurdles, the obstacles, and the DEMOTIVATORS to slow you, to stop you to keep you where you are, or even worse.

The key hence, is to keep going, keep pushing, keep breathing, how do you do that? Yes, you’ll need motivation for that. More than what you needed to start the task you’re on.

Though all the sources of motivation are appreciable, the best one is always from within.

You are the motivator you can find

A Mueed Qazi

Self-motivated are the influencers.

And it doesn’t stay there, have you felt motivated in the presence of someone around?
Did you feel charged when someone spoke? someone tapped on your back made you go burning with motivation?

Now, can everyone leave the same impact? Can you? Do you want to be?

I’ll tell you what makes them different, it’s their ability to create motivation from within. Yes, they are self-motivators. They know how to motivate themselves.

And the amount of it when generated in surplus can also be spread around for the people around. Does that make sense now?

It’s good to share if you have enough of it, and what about if you could create more. I mean, what about if you’re the powerhouse people love to be around. Because you have the power to energize them, to boost them, your presence could make them feel it.

It’s great, isn’t it? everything is possible if you’re burning yourself, if your flame is strong enough, then you can spread the heat and lit those around.

If you can generate it then you can spread it too.