If there is no way then create one

This is for all the people that feel that they are stuck or who are trying to change their life but don’t see any real or not enough progress.

Just remember that it starts with you. Change how you feel first and then the results will come. It’s about feeling good :).


Positive vibes attract positive things.

If you have to heal emotionally first in order to be able to feel good again then this is fine too. It’s not a race, it’s a journey and you are not required to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Give your emotions the time they need to heal.

Once you have removed your blocks, cleaned up the emotional baggage, and healed your wounds then nothing is impossible :). This is what you are growing and evolving towards. A limitless being that feels whole, happy, content, and peaceful (not necessarily all the time, but most of the time).

What holds you back?

You are in essence already limitless and whole, but what prevents you from experiencing this are your wounds (emotional baggage) and your own limiting beliefs. As the time heals, you’ll see yourself being relieved from these traps of emotional layers gradually.


The real YOU

The beautiful thing is that all these layers (wounds/blocks) that are being stripped away will eventually reveal the real you.

Just enjoy the stripping away of all these layers and witness the amazing beauty that is left once all layers have been removed.

That’s how you should look at it because that’s how you realize that the process is worth it.


Your heart can influence the universe.

Believe me, the universe has your back, but progress can be very slow and sometimes you can feel like you are going backward when you are trying to make changes within yourself and your life. This will pass and you will make progress. Keep following your heart and trust the process. I promise you that your heart knows the way and everything is going to be okay. 

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Love is all powerful

So let go! Spread the love from your heart, it’s more powerful than anything in the universe because it is unlimited and each time we choose to follow our heart we create the strongest ripple effect that moves everything around.

So remember, when you are happy and loving, your world changes. Nothing can ever stop the power of love. It is the gateway to everything your heart desires. That’s where happiness erupts irrespective of the materialistic surroundings and possessions.

So never stop following your heart. You wanna know what never giving up really means?