10 Benefits Of Good Team Building

Most business professionals agree that good team building is a vital element of a productive company.  Some leaders and managers, however rate team building very low on their scale of importance; often because they fail to understand the many benefits that a properly functioning team can provide.  Here is a description of some of the benefits that can be realized by good teamwork.

1. Goals and accomplishments

Goals and accomplishments are more often realized through a team effort because the members of the team have helped to set the goals and can take ownership of the projects.  In contrast, if an individual is simply told what to do by someone else, or told what goal is to be achieved, there may be resistance since the individual has no vested interest in the project.


2. Support

A team offers both the leaders and individuals support and encouragement of one another.  Each person is committed to the success of the team and feels motivated to make it productive.

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3. Mutual Communication

A team by its very nature encourages communication.  Each member of the team understands that their ideas and suggestions are valuable and are both welcomed and acted upon.  Implementation of new ideas, solving problems, and system improvements are all freely communicated within the team.

4. Problem-solving

Problem-solving becomes far more effective because all the team members can offer ideas from their own expertise.  The old expression “Two heads are better than one” definitely applies to a team that is working to problem solve effectively.


5. Coordination

Since the team works closely together and encourages open communication, there is rarely a concern over conflicts.  Differences are brought into the open, discussed, and solved without causing damage.  Individuals, however, can often harbor resentment, and resort to tactics that may undermine colleagues or bosses, often causing damage to the company that is hard to repair.

6. Motivating each other

Within a well-built team, members are motivated and inspired to achieve goals and maintain high levels of productivity.  This motivation tends to be infectious and filters through the team, encouraging every member to perform to maintain the standard.

7. Objectives and peer feedback

Each member of a team clearly understands the objectives and expectations of both the team and its individual members.  As a result, performance feedback is even more meaningful as each member can monitor his own achievements against team expectations


8. Shared Sense of accomplishment

Success within the team offers opportunities for reward and recognition on two levels, from both individual and team accomplishments.  Team members who feel appreciated and rewarded are inclined to work harder to meet objectives.

9. Discipline

Teamwork encourages disciplined work habits and these effective practices can be taken with an individual to other teams, other positions, or even on to management, giving the company a wide range of motivated, productive employees to draw upon during times of growth and change.

10. Productivity

Teamwork and productivity go hand in hand.  Building good teams means building a successful business.