About Us

I am a certified CBT, NLP, and hypnotherapy practitioner with a Masters in Psychology. I provide online counseling and life coaching for your goal setting, motivation, anxieties, stress, and phobias. Consult me if you want to want to see a better version of yourself. I’d be glad to be helpful.

My goal is to enlighten you about your own capabilities, which ironically remain unrecognized. I consider myself fortunate for being able to help people. 

Let’s make this world a happier place with more productivity.

I find it interesting to observe people. The versatility in personalities and distinct traits fascinates me. Every character is different but we all can develop our personality by understanding the psychology behind it at a deeper level.

I have around 15 years of experience as an educationalist and a trainer. I Love to learn from what I see around me. I believe personality and spiritual development and skill training go hand in hand.

And by spirituality, I mean purity of heart from negative emotions. I would be pleased to be of any help to you if I could.

I’m registered as an NLP practitioner by anlp with the registration number  ANLP3723.

I find it interesting to observe people. The distinct personalities and the distinct traits are a few things I try to understand. Every character is different but we all can develop our personality by understanding its psychology. And that’s exactly what I try to convey, keeping it simple. And am also of the belief that personality development is incomplete without spiritual development.


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