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I started as an engineer to be. Which I could never be except for the tag which I earned after my graduation. You know what? I thought I would enjoy working on people more than working on machines. And here I am.

I find it interesting to observe people. The distinct personalities and the distinct traits are a few things I try to understand. Every character is different but we all can develop our personality by understanding its psychology. And that’s exactly what I try to convey, keeping it simple. And am also of the belief that personality development is incomplete without spiritual development.

I am a psychology major, I work for a school but am more of a student than a teacher. Love to learn from what I see around me. I like to see how every personality is different and that how can we develp a personality. I believe a personality development program shall have spiritual development along with skill training all in the light of psychology. And by spirituality i mean purity of heart from the negative emotions. I would be pleased to be of any help to you if I could.