A responsible leader for a successful organization

The Influence of Leadership on Organizational Culture

Leadership and organizational culture are both playing in the same field by influencing each other. However, it is very much important that the leader can influence the culture of the organization for greater success. This paper will provide a clear depiction of the relationship in between leadership and organizational culture.

Organizational culture and leadership are important elements of an organization

For the greater success of the organization, it is much needed to work those in conjunction. The function of the company will be influenced a lot by the leadership and organizational culture as well. Culture may determine the function of the leader. On the other hand, a leader can specify and establish a culture for the welfare of the organization. Both of those occurrences can happen. For better or worse, one leader should make an approach to alter or specify the culture of an organization.


In this particular section, you will understand the components of organizational culture. To understand the interrelationship in between leadership influence and organizational culture, better knowledge about culture is needed. Organizational culture will be comprised of beliefs, values as well as behaviors. Those three tools of the employees will determine the performance level and organizational culture. That is why the leader should have a sharp look at those components.

Organizational leaders will influence the function of the people within the organization. Moreover, leadership will set the present and future course of the company. Leaders can be appointed leaders, managers, supervisors, or natural leaders. Regardless of that fact, they must understand the culture of the organization for motivating the followers. This motivation is needed for the proper functioning of the organization in the desired way.

Significant factors of leadership

There are three significant factors of leadership, which can influence the culture of an organization. The first of those tools will be the vision of the leader. If the leader can foresee the upcoming aspects, he can take measures to control the outcome. The second one will be the values and views of a leader. According to the vision of the leadership, the performance of the company can be altered significantly. The last key tool to alter the organizational culture will be the purpose of the leader.


However, according to the discussion, the relationship between leadership and organizational culture can easily be understood.

Even leaders might sometimes be influenced by the organizational culture. In spite of that fact, leaders should try to influence the organizational culture for the betterment of the company.

What Are the Responsibilities of Leadership?

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Leadership is not a way to show the followers how they must act. Responsibility and leadership both are double-edged swords. While accepting the responsibility and credit for some acts, the leader even has to accept the blaming. If you are interested to know about the responsibilities of leadership, then this article is for you. Here are some important responsibilities of leadership.


Leadership responsibility

Taking responsibility is an active process. It will involve blaming and credit as well. One good leader has to accept those facts as a part of his or her leadership. If a leader has taken the responsibility for some action, then he has to bear that until completion. A good leader should always take responsibility as a part of his or her job. They should take responsibility willingly, frequently, and publicly as well. The following portion will demonstrate and clarify the responsibilities of a leader.

Any leader can always control the outcome of an event. That is why the leader needs to be prepared to accept the blame. Accepting blame is one of the most important features of leadership. While taking credit, a leader should always think about accepting the blames for any task. Things may go wrong for several reasons. For all those reasons, the leader might not be responsible directly. Even after that, the leader has to accept the blame.

Leadership is decision making

Moreover, the leader has to take responsibility for the work accomplished by his followers. Another important part of leadership is decision-making. Even in the toughest situation, a leader cannot play hide and seek. A good leader should come out and face problems with courage. It is another important responsibility of leadership.

It is recommended that the leader approve the decision of the followers before accomplishing the task. Moreover, maintaining honesty is another responsibility of leadership. Breeding responsibilities have several aspects. One leader will have to be honest with his or her followers. Mostly, the leader has to be honest about the task he is operating. In addition, a leader should give respect to his followers as well.

However, there are many advantages of responsibility. Responsibility will breed transparency as well as honesty if it can be applied perfectly to the leadership. In addition, the leader will be able to learn to accept the blames and take the credit.

Differences between Management skills and Leadership

The corporate, as well as business world, is full of leaders and managers. People very often cannot distinguish between this two, but those two are completely different. By knowing the difference between management and leadership, you will be able to build up your personal skills as well.

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Management and leadership differences

Both management and leadership skills oversee several groups of people. Distinct differences are found between these two. Leaders are those who lead the people. On the other hand, managers should have managerial power. They do not need to lead their people. Here, you should remember one thing potential leaders are always good managers. Good managers are not good leaders.

Management skills will be based on analytical thinking. Here, the leadership will be based on the capability of leading the people. However, managers will be good at thinking. They will solve their problems by giving direction to the team members. Managers have to make sure that the workers are being done regularly.

Another important managerial skill will be to understand and take control of the situation. Managers should be able to organize their people. For solving issues, managers will always use their logic and leaders may listen to their hearts. Policy and program-making are other important managerial skills.

Leadership skills will be more appropriate

Leadership skills will be more behavioral than managerial skills. Those leadership skills are based on approaches, whereas managerial skills are based on actions. Leaders will make experiments. They will have their visions. Leaders will be capable of foreseeing the future. In accordance with that, they will be able to plan. In the case of problem-solving approaches, leaders will be more flexible than managers will.

In addition to directing people to the right course, a leader needs to inspire followers as well. For finishing the task at the perfect time, a leader needs to motivate the team members. Leaders will use their intuition while solving problems. In such cases, managers will always use their logic. For developing the skill of others, leaders should be able to set examples for the people.

If those managerial and leadership skills can be used together, great leaders can be created. Leadership skills will look for the tasks that are right. On the other hand, managers will try to make things right. This is the basic difference between managerial and leadership skills.

Effects of having bad leadership

Throughout the whole world, companies and organizations with bad leaders exist. Even many countries suffered a lot of the worse acts of their leaders. In the same way, bad leadership can influence the performance of companies and organizations significantly. However, if you want to know about the effects of bad leadership, then this paper is for you.

Bad leadership affects

To understand the effects of bad leadership, first, you need to realize the reasons acting behind bad leadership. Lack of knowledge about leadership is one of the commonest reasons behind poor leadership. Unethical habits can play a vital role to develop bad leadership.

Power trips, as well as narcissism, are also two key factors, which may give rise to bad leadership.

The reasons might be any one of those, but the impact of bad leadership cannot easily be reversed. Those effects will be far-reaching and even can be long-lasting as well. Even some cannot be understood after cutting off the power of leaders. Autocratic leaders can give rise to significant damage to the organization. To avoid the worst effects of bad leadership, leaders should not be chosen without precision.

Let us look at the effects of bad leadership. The number one effect will be poor employee performance. If the employer is dedicated, the employees will also become dedicated. Always the employees will follow their leaders. This is why leaders should act as an icon in front of all of the employees. Failure to do so can result in irreversible damage to the organization.

Another bad leadership impact

Another poor impact of bad leadership will be the low morale of the employees. Sometimes, the employees can understand that the company is struggling due to bad leaders. In such cases, the morale of the employees will be reduced a lot. This phenomenon can act like a virus and it can spread like any other viral disease. Moreover, poor leadership will result in poor decision making which will ultimately cause irreversible damage to the company. Bad public perception is another worse effect of poor leadership.

If people can understand the company is under poor leadership, they will try to get rid of that organization. This will cause a significant loss of popularity. However, for avoiding all of the effects mentioned above, a precise and well-judged decision is needed when choosing leaders.

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How to learn the attitudes of leadership

All the leaders will have different attitudes. Leadership attitudes can vary a lot according to the thoughts. However, you will find a few things common in the case of all leaders. If you want to learn the attitudes of leadership, then here is important information about leadership attitudes.

Leadership and problem-solving

At the very beginning, you need to find yourself as a problem solver. For solving problems effectively, one does need to think along with the needed action. Moreover, problem solvers will not be leaders always, but all leaders should have problem-solving capabilities. If you can develop problem-solving capabilities, people might look towards you as a leader. That is why this skill is an important part of leadership attitude.

Next, you need to learn to take help from other people. A lonely leader cannot achieve any success. That is why you need to be friendly. Successful leadership requires you to be friendly as well as honest with your employees. In this way, you will be able to build up a relationship of trust and respect. After that, they will listen to almost anything you say.

Getting things done by others easily is another important leadership skill. One successful leader should know how to get the best out of their employees. For doing that, the leader needs to understand his team members perfectly. He or she needs to recognize the potential ones. In addition to that, they should try to find out the weaker ones. Some leaders try to improve the skills of weaker ones, whereas some want to get rid of their weak links.

Positive leadership attitude

All leaders should have a positive leadership attitude. They should never try to hide away from problems. Moreover, a leader should be kind and helpful. In addition to that, you should never forget to pay attention to the thoughts of your employees. Moreover, you should always try to put a happy face while working in the workplace. No employee wants to see his or her boss unhappy.

Learning a leadership attitude will require leaders to lead their teams more effectively. Moreover, they will be able to play a vital role in the success of their companies. In addition, it will help to develop the leader’s personal skills as well.

All about improving your leadership skills within a team

You might want to be a better leader, or you might just be a starter, but you need to understand leadership skills for a shining career. Improving leadership skills will need a few prerequisites as well. You have to be a smart thinker to be a successful leader. However, if you want to know about improving leadership skills, then this article is for you. Here you will find information about improving your leadership skills.

A perfect team for improving your leadership skills

For improving your leadership skills, you need to build up your team perfectly. Moreover, you need to build up the self-esteem of your team. In addition, one good leader should know how to get closer to the employees. In this way, you will be able to motivate them. Good inspiration can often result in excellent productivity and performance. In addition, good leadership will require sincerity and honesty from a leader.

A good leader should make his team feel that they are important parts of the team. In this way, their morale will be boosted. They will provide their best, which will eventually lead to a better result. Good leadership requires you to be a good listener. Always try to listen to your employees carefully. You have to show that you are giving respect to their opinions.

Moreover, effective planning with decision-making is important for reaching objectives. Strong leadership requires praising the team members. Moreover, a good leader should understand the potential part of his team. Leadership requires you to be a good flow of information. You need to pass information and instructions to your employees. These should be done in such a way that the employees can feel your desired target.

Successful leadership requires things done easily

Try to respect the privacy of other team members. You should also try to handle the personal problem of other team members if they want you to do. This will help a leader to get closer to his team members. Moreover, successful leadership requires that you can get things done by others easily. Moreover, one strong leader should try to establish himself as an icon by setting up examples. This will also help to build up the personal skills of other team members.

Strong leadership skills within the team are needed for reaching the target. Moreover, for better performance of the team members, team leadership should be strong. If one leader can get the best from his team members, he will be able to reach the target far too easily.