15 tips to avoid failure in life and enjoy success.

Failure is inevitable, in fact, it’s the process of learning. Failure is what gives you experience. The path to correctness often goes through what’s not correct. Hence in order to avoid failure in life, I’m not referring to the stepping stones in the name of failure that we come across to reach the milestone of success.

What’s important is to avoid failure as a whole in life. You must hence do your best to avoid a consistent failure or in other words, you’re not learning from your mistakes.

Stay away from these 10 things to avoid failure in life:

We plan, we make strategies, take precautions, and yet, we face failure in life. What goes wrong? There are psychological reasons for failure we need to understand. How to avoid failure in life? Obviously, failure is something nobody is willing to face but the fact that failure in life is the best teacher is also true. But hey, don’t you take me wrong, it teaches you not to fail again. And if you do fail again, you need to take extra precautions now. 


Know what brings you a failure in life. And if you’re thinking about blaming luck, then let me tell you that this itself is the reason for your failure before anything else. Know the factors which will enlighten you on how to avoid failure in life, read on:

1. Stop postponing to avoid failure in life:

stressed man

It’s said by Kabir that what you intend to do tomorrow, do it today and what you intend to do today do it now. And plainly speaking, if you possess an inverse version of the attitude, don’t read further, that’s enough of a reason for your failure in life. You need to seriously consider this critical situation of yours and plan some amendments to resolve the issue. Do it immediately. 

I mean, literally! Why are you still here?


If you really want to rectify yourself, then start condemning your laziness, hit it hard. Take control of your desire to be lazy and procrastinate. You have no way to avoid failure in life if you make peace with laziness. 

And yes, that includes social loafing too.

2. Stop being intolerant to avoid failure in life:

Failure doesn’t make anyone happy. Here, I’m just speaking about not being patient. It’s one of the essential ingredients you require to avoid failure in life. Let not small things break you.

Don’t let yourself get affected by public judgment if you’re sure that you’re right. Have a mentor though, what I’m asking you to do is not to consider what people say, sort of gossip about you. 

And more importantly, if you’re Intolerant towards any feedback and if you tend to take the feedback as criticism, then change the way you perceive them. Trust me, you need the feedback, we are often oblivious to our own flaws. Human psychology is full of fallacies and cognitive biases where we overlook rational reasons and logical conclusions. 


Remember that the one who gives you feedback is your well-wisher and you reject it you lose one well-wisher. 

3. You cannot avoid failure in life with frustration:

yelling formal man watching news on laptop
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This is quite relevant to intolerance. The more intolerant you are more vulnerable you become, and the weakness is very much exposed in the form of frustration. A man shouts when he has nothing to say. It’s the moment when you accept that you’re a loser and you lose control over yourself. To avoid failure in life, avoid getting yourself into that situation whatsoever. 

If you (honestly) see that:

  1. The work has not been done, but you’re tired.
  2. You were busy, but not productive.

Then you’re not tired of work, you’re tired of being frustrated. There’s continuous stress which keeps you occupied and you get exhausted.  

4. Don’t play a blame game:

Let me remind you to remain honest with yourself while you’re reading this, for it will be least effective if you aren’t. Failure comes in disguise pf self-defense had you been only bothered about protecting yourself and concealing what wrongs are being committed by you.

If your brain starts processing the involvements of other people and strives to relate it to the undesired outcome of a situation then you’re a victim of the blame game. 

If you’re reluctant to accept the responsibility of the outcome of a situation that wasn’t the expected outcome then you’re asking for failure. And make a point that blaming others will do you no good, blaming yourself will increase the possibility of your amelioration. 

5. Not having a sense of time will bring failure in life

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If you know how precious time is, see how much you value it. Do you have a daily schedule? Do you know that you’ll never get the time to get the work done if you miss it now? I mean, of course, you know it but do you acknowledge it? 

Answer these questions to yourself:

  1. Do you follow a routine? (work routine, not the laziness routine)
  2. Are you accustomed to postpone your work?
  3. What importance do you give to punctuality?

6. Fond of excuses

Do you have an imminent response towards anything to support your ground on it? It May not always be rational but you’ll not be knowing it always because you are programmed to defend yourself no matter what. Are you fond of excuses? Knowingly or unknowingly.

Professor Covington’s research on students, published in the Handbook of Motivation at School, found that one way we protect our self-worth is by believing we are competent, and by convincing others of it, too.

Remember the last time you said oh, sorry, I sure did this wrong and will see to it that I shall not repeat it. If you want to avoid failure in your life, start saying it, an apology is much easier than defending your ego. And trust me, it will do you no harm, not will it diminish your ego, and I’m quite certain about that. 

Hopefully you arent’ the one who doesn’t give his or her 100% and then avoids the blame by excuses.

Nothing breeds success like failure

7. Setting wrong ideals and presenting wrong examples

We idolize people, there are lots of icons who inspire and attract people to idolize them. We have a different psychological mindset, we are different personalities as our determinants of personalities also differ. Hence we have different criteria for selecting an icon. If you admire someone you shouldn’t, then the outcomes will be quite obvious. 

8. Get organized to avoid failure in life

Do you have your things in order? Do you get your things just when you need them? Clustering of things, belongings, time, and personality itself is a huge reason for demotivation and hence failure. 

9. Be responsible

If you’re not preoccupied with the thought of completion of a task when it’s assigned to you or you are supposed to do then you should be.

The thought of completing the task on time will keep you motivated and get the work done. It will be your utmost priority as it should be to avoid failure in life. Every task no matter how small and simple it is important. 

10. Enjoy the work

You must have assigned work to people in your life, you might have even paid for the same. Don’t you get preoccupied with the thought that you have to make every penny paid worth it? Why? Why don’t you think that he will do the work because you’ve paid him? 

Here are the two mentalities, one, who takes the work as a burden is the labor mentality. One not being very much bothered about the work, doing it for the sake of not completing the work. The other one is the one who wants the work to be done, no matter what.

If you take your work as a burden, then you might be having the labor mentality and until you change it, you won’t enjoy working. 

Look at it this way, don’t you desire to finish the work? Won’t it give you the pleasure of achievement when you see the mission accomplished, no matter how small? Work is the process of achieving that joy.

Failure is the stepping stone towards Success.

thought of failure haunt you

Everyone fails, and often so happens is that you have to go through failure to reach where you want to. Consider every failure in your life as a milestone towards success.

People like the ones with stress disorder take things out of the rational reality that they are destined to fail. Why on earth would anyone not succeed? You’ll already have a lot of things you’ve achieved to focus on, despite, you focusing on what shouldn’t be focused on.

12. Feeling defeated?

If you feel down and defeated, tell yourself right now, loud and clear that there’s nothing wrong with feeling sorry.

You might get anxious, you might feel down, stressed, demotivated, and dishearted. Well congratulations, you’re normal.

Learn how to turn that into the energy which shall drive you towards a better attempt to avoid what caused you to fail this time.

If it’s not dealt with then it might drag you into an inferiority complex. Not a feeling you want to live with if you want success in life.

In NLP we believe that there isn’t a failure, only feedback. You can program your brain to create this loop of failure to feedback. Consult an NLP practitioner and he’ll help you out.

13. Watch your habits

Maybe you’re willing to succeed but arent’ on the path towards it. If you’re traveling south, you’ll never reach north, (now don’t tell me the earth is round in which case you eventually will, but still, it’s an unwise decision).

You have to look into your schedule and habits. See whether they support your cause, are they shaping you into what kind of a person you should be to achieve the success you admire?

14. What if you could skip the failure?

If you want to try something, there are chances that you’ll succeed or otherwise. You need to go through the action to find out.

What if someone else has already gone through it, would you want to repeat the failure others have gone through despite having an opportunity to skip it? Why don’t you find out what made them fail to avoid the same blunder?

What do we have history books for?

15. Whom do you rely on the most?

Make sure that you are the one you rely on the most. No matter who’s involved in it but if you aren’t into it totally knowing every inch of what’s happening to make sure that it’s exactly as you want it, there’s always a chance of failure.

No matter how honest and hardworking people you have around you, you are the one responsible and accountable for your outcomes.

Hope this provides you with a fastidious perspective of how to avoid failure in life. Get yourself motivated, make a daily schedule of yours and work on your personality development. You have a way to go, don’t layover where you are. It’s about time that you ameliorate your delinquencies in the past had you had any. 

How can we avoid failure?

If you know the factors which can lead to your failure and foresee what your decisions will end up into then you can avoid failure.

How can you handle failure?

You can best handle failure by taking full responsibility and taking it as a lesson for the future.