The beginning of spiritual awakening: Humbleness

Humbleness is a beginning stage of spiritual awakening.

Find why you can’t feel the inner peace without having this recipe of spiritual being. People love you because of your humbleness; this is what makes you the selfless person everyone wants around them.

Humbleness and spirituality
Humbleness leads to a great personality

Begin your spiritual awakening: be Humble.

The gentle drop of water fell from the sky,


Seeing the huge ocean; the drop was shy.

How small am I, thought the drop.

The breadth of the ocean seemed never to stop.


Before could the drop, in oceans fell,

It was held by a beautiful shell.

To be a pearl, the drop was preserved.


The dignity which, humbleness deserved.

Why humbleness is the beginning stage of spiritual awakening?

You look up towards the ones who possess a quality, which without humbleness, you won’t—hence giving you an illusion of being superior and never feeling a need to improve. Here your journey towards betterment will stop that very moment when you lose this quality of humbleness. Hence I call it the first step or the building block of spiritual awakening. People don’t accept who claim superiority from within, as they don’t see anything special except the claim. The claim rests on worldly possessions, which are certainly not acceptable towards others. Because it’s the person we relate to, not the materials.

A great man is always willing to be little.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The motive behind humbleness

Hence people will accept you if you are humble. You will be cherished and loved by all who see humbleness; there is no purity of heart without humbleness. When you don’t claim your superiority, that’s what makes you superior, unique, and spiritual. And be clear that if one claims of being humble, it’s often the opposite, which’s real. Because if I portray that I am humble, then that means that I believe that I am worth more respect, honor, and dignity and that I am special, but I am humble. The spiritual art is not for those who are arrogant. No spiritual book, spiritual ceremony, spiritual counseling, and spiritual advisor can help you unless you help yourself by letting you free from arrogance.
Humbleness supports your solitude and helps you in your stages of spirituality by keeping you happy. You being humble would never expect anything for yourself. Which will keep you satisfied with what you have and what you get? Unlike the arrogant, who thinks that he deserves everything. And the fact that not everything that we want and wish is achievable sorrows him and saddens him. If you are arrogant, you will strive for dignity and respect, which when you fail to get will cultivate anger and hatred in you towards those who didn’t respect you or give you the importance which you thought that you deserved. And this hatred is what blocks their path towards the spiritual awakening and spiritual journey—the missing inner peace and solitude.

The missing inner peace

path towards spirituality

Whereas if you be humble, you will never expect respect. But let me tell you that you get it which will keep you happy and in peace. But note that if you act to be humble to gain the respect which we are talking about, you will get yourself in an illusion, as I said before. Humble one respects everyone as he doesn’t consider himself superior to others. While the arrogant see others very lees worthy of respect. Hence the latter gets less respect and value than the prior one.

The thin line between humbleness and inferiority complex

Give respect take respect is the universal rule everyone follows. But bear in mind that we are not trading respect for respect. Unless you are genuinely humble, your motive will become to gain respect. And you will start expecting respect in return for your humbleness. And when you don’t get it, you will lose the humbleness, but know that it was never there in this case. Be genuine, don’t expect respect in return. I want to add a note here about the thin line between being humble and being underestimated or being in an inferiority complex. It’s never advisable to welcome disrespect, value yourself, but don’t expect to be respected and valued. It may seem a contrary statement, but there is a fine line between arrogance and inferiority complex where lies confidence which, when mixed with humbleness, makes you unique.

Of all the spiritual exercises you will do, focus on being humble and be genuine, be true to yourself. Remember, it’s about you, and it’s you who values you most. It’s you who knows your worth. It’s you who decides who you are. You deserve to be humble because you deserve to be great. You deserve to be loved, you deserve to be valued, you deserve to be respected, and you deserve to be happy, this will be the beginning of spiritual awakening: Humbleness.

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