How mental growth shapes your personality.

Life is the name of growth, I don’t know if anybody said that but I feel so. Apparently, we say that you’re growing old. But you don’t, not unless your physical growth is accompanied by mental growth.

Did you ever wonder,


Why do they say that “age is just a number”. Perhaps, it’s because of the fact that your age isn’t your growth, it’s just a reduction of time you’ve got to grow. 

Your growth is when you grow mentally or spiritually, and you don’t grow even physically after a certain age anyway. 

You are what you think.

People might have a lot of opinions about you but the opinion which matters the most is that of your own. 


Do you know why people behave the way they do?

Because it’s the image which they have about themselves which they portray practically to the society.

anyone getting a lot of respect then it’s because he respects himself. Similarly, if you find anyone being ridiculed it’s he himself who thinks that he is worthless.


you not only create your personality but you create the world around you, it’s you who makes people treat you accordingly. 

Your improvement begins with your mind.

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Hence I don’t think it needs further explanation of why we have to begin the change from your mind. 

As before any step to be taken the first thing you need to do is to make an intention. And you only make intentions of the things which you think that you are capable of.

Your mind is the filter which decides what you can and what you cannot do, your capabilities and your inconsistencies. 

But this might just be an assumption. there’s a huge possibility that your mind has concluded many things without giving it a trial. 

A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it. 

– Ray Davis

Your perception is your world. 

These perceptions of your mind become your reality. Not everything is by chance. 

I do agree there’s a thing called luck, but sadly we use it more often to cover up our drawbacks. It’s like we’ve someone to blame, who’ll never deny. Poor luck.

Luck isn’t the only factor, you are.

You create the world around you and this perception of yours decides your chances of success and failure. The way you process the information, the events and the experiences you get modulate your mentality, your thought. 

Your mind sets the goal for you.

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Your perception again decides your goal. You decide what you want to achieve based upon what mental state.

Your motivation depends on your perception of yourself.

Your desire to achieve something will develop overtime with what you find valuable. It purely depends on how you’ve processed and pertained the values of things and achievements.

That’s why people have different priorities.

Where your beliefs are born and sustained.

People experience the same thing with different conclusions. And that’s what makes us all different despite being in exactly same situations sometimes.

Not everyone takes things alike. Every experience in life changes you, either you grow or otherwise. And yes it’s possible, reverse growth, I don’t know what to call it.

Your mental growth will decide your chances of success.

What one takes as failure might be another opportunity for someone else. what break someone might make someone else even stronger .

Hence failure can take you farther from your goal or closer to it. It’s your mental state that decides. And that’s why you need to focus on your mental growth and nourishment as you’d do on your physical nourishment.