59 ways how you choose to be happy, always.

Aren’t you happy?

Aren’t you happy? Learn how to be happy again. You must have been when you were a child. You were energetic, motivated, and happy, weren’t you?

You must have known how to be happy by yourself, how to be happy alone, you didn’t even need things back then.

We all get broke and stressed out, the world is rude and life is tough, we all want to know how to be happy again.

It’s this one thing we all strive for, all the efforts and pain just to achieve this one thing, happiness. 

There’s no point in money, wealth, relation or anything you achieve have you not achieved happiness with it. Here are a few things you should consider or find what’s missing in your life that might add to your happiness. 

Have an eye for beautiful things in your life, no matter how small they are.

Sometimes, small things add up to be a huge asset. Don’t always wait for that one big thing or that one big leap of success and happiness. Small things matter, small goals lead to the achievement of a dream. Small drops make an ocean.


Stop exposure to any negativity around you.

No negative people, no negative books or songs. They’ll never let you be happy again.
Whatever we take into our bodies leaves an effect on us. May it be food, radiation, visuals, and sounds.
So don’t give access to any input which might hinder your positive thoughts and motivation. Find the reasons for how to be a happier more positive person, not otherwise.

Let go of hatred and anger. 

Hatred and anger normally strip your brain of logic. And being illogical will make you take decisions of which you might have to regret, quite certainly. Being angry is certainly not how you can be happy.

Be empathetic.

Helping man

True happiness is when you get satisfaction. And trust me satisfaction has got everything to do with inner peace. Being human, humanity makes us feel inner peace, and being empathetic is the essence of humanity. 


Eat healthily

How? Happiness is a state of mind, and a healthy mind needs a healthy body. That should explain it. 


Should I repeat what I said in the previous point, it makes sense. Moreover, a strong and active body gives you self-confidence which aids in your progress and growth mindset. Ultimately making you an achiever and happy. 

Sleep well

Happiness is earned, and it takes a lot of hard work to attain it. And you’re a human being, you need a rest. Sleep, sleep well, on time, till the time. 


Don’t let stress overtake you.

You won’t know how to be happy yourself, without knowing how to manage stress. Stress and happiness cannot sustain together.
You want light, you have to get rid of the darkness. Especially if you want to know how to be happy at work, you need to take this seriously. 

Be a genuinely selfless person

Won’t it make you sad that someone close to you has lied to you? It certainly will. Well then let me tell you that you are closest to yourself, so don’t pretend to be someone else and lie. You know it when you lie, and your inner self, your soul is not going to like it. Be genuine, be spiritually pure. 

Be a good wisher

Happiness is felt more when you see someone happy and more so if you’re the reason for it. Be the reason for someone to be happy. Also, find out how to make others happy. 

Enjoy helping others


Once you realize how happy you feel being a well-wisher, you’ll start enjoying it. And you’ll know how to be a happy person that everyone loves. 

Stand for your right, don’t let anyone exploit you.

Know that you’re an important person, you sure are available as a helping hand, but you’re not there to be exploited. You may give away something for someone who needs it but not to feed someone’s greed. 

Be adventurous, open for learning and gaining new experiences

happy man

We, humans, like to learn, I mean, what do we have the brain for? Go out, learn, experience new things, people, and places. You never know what comes in handy and what makes you happy again.

Have a good circle of friends

People surrounding you make up your mind. They influence you, want to know how to be happy in life then surround yourself with people who contribute to your happiness. And also those to whom you contribute to make their life happier. 

Search challenges and embrace them.

Do you know what makes you happy? Achievement, and if you want to know how to be happy with your life then make it challenging. Accept challenges, because achieving success in them will keep you happy forever. 

Practice gratitude every time you get an opportunity.

Be thankful to each and everyone, it keeps you lighter. Chances of you being helped again are raised, and it spreads happiness

how to be happy

Be practical, don’t get carried away.

Keep yourself stuck to reality, fantasies sometimes get us carried away and we lose the ground, only to fall. And this failure in life makes us sad. 

Have a vision don’t entertain temporary highs

Timely enjoyments which have a lasting regression are worthless.
You’d rather reveal the truth and bear the timely pain for a lasting relief than a short-term escape with a lie and a pang of long-term guilt. Foresee what lies ahead, don’t fall for small candies. 

Try your best not to be biased and be logical and rational.

You’re human, you’ve got a brain prone to fallacies and errors, know that. Try to analyze your decisions and point of view logically and neutrally.
Seek sincere opinions. Knowing that you can make mistakes will teach you how to be happy always no matter what. 

Be generous.

Be generous not only in giving out money but also in giving out smiles and happiness. We’re psychologically programmed to be happy when we give, it’s a sense of satisfaction that makes us happy.

Plan your time and life.

You’ll always regret a loss that you could have avoided. Nothing will make you regret more than the wastage of your life. Because that’s our primary asset. Plan it well, know the reasons why you need a daily schedule. 

Learn to create productivity out of boredom.

We come across things and situations we don’t enjoy much. But if you train your brain to love challenges, it’ll find its way out of such situations by finding an activity that feeds its thirst for creativity and knowledge.

Being productive yields results and results make you happy.

happy panda

Be optimistic, every negative thing has something to teach.

Know that even if it seems to be a loss and defeat, it has taught you a way not to lose in the future. 

Be unconditionally kind.

Have no expectations, we’re not doing business. Being kind is just being kind, it won’t be so if you expect something in return. 

Set goals, both short term and long term. Celebrate success. 

Each success teaches you how to be a better person and be happy if earned. Set goals that are achievable and celebrate each time you succeed in achieving them. 

Keep a watch over your thoughts.

keep your brain thinking positive. Alongside keeping yourself from external negative input, you need to watch over your thoughts. Keep them positive.

Look for goodness than otherwise. 

Be like the bee who keeps searching for nectar no matter what other crap a surrounding is composed of.

Be spontaneous, try it, you’ll get it.

Try to do the required things then and there. Who knows? Will you ever get another chance?

Be mindful, make it a habit.

Don’t ever be oblivious. Be aware and mindful of your surroundings and other feelings too.

Keep visualizing what do you want to achieve.

This way you can keep reminding your mind off from what you want. It will keep you motivated and show you how to reach there.

Be genuine, don’t pretend.

You don’t have to fabricate and fake things or behavior. You’ll get yourself into a long-term requirement to do so if you do.

Don’t crave for acclamation.

Not everyone has the authority to accredit you. Do the right thing for your spiritual satisfaction and self-satisfaction, not for acclamation.

Spiritual happiness
Spiritual awakening

Understand what’s happiness, it’s not materialistic.

You can still be unhappy despite owning the whole world. It’s not always things that make you happy. Know the difference between happiness and comfort.

Take responsibilities.

Responsibilities are the staircases to growth and success. Take them, fulfill them, you’ll be happy to fulfill them. It even gives you confidence psychologically.

Learn from your mistakes.

Every event either gives you success or otherwise. But it’s not just that, if success brings Ariadne then you’re a failure. And if failure teaches you, you’re successful still.

Focus on being better. 

No matter how good you are, there’s always room for improvement. The more you work on yourself, the more valuable you become 

And know that mistakes may still happen because nobody is perfect.

Yes, you’re a human being. We all commit mistakes, we can’t be perfect every time. It’s expected.

Never play the blame game.

There’s no point in finding whose fault it was after the loss, as long as everyone realizes the mistake. Nobody does it intentionally. Let’s look ahead.

Give your body its necessities.

Food, water, and a night of good sound sleep. It’s your body on which you ride your life, take good care of it. 

Meditate, work to have a pure heart.

Be more spiritual. What drives your body is your spirit, it needs to be even stronger. Purify it, maintain it and protect it.

Don’t keep blaming yourself

Like I said, blaming doesn’t help, move on. You can represent by doing better. It’s good enough that you realize and are determinant for the better. 

Think of the good things you’ve done and your achievements.

Tell yourself that you’ve achieved a lot in life. Recall those to boost your morale and body your self-confidence.

You don’t have to pretend to be cheerful all the time.

Everyone should know that you go through hardship sometimes. At that time, don’t push yourself to fabricate cheerfulness if you can’t.

Know where and how to spend your hard-earned money.

Spend more on others. Trying to be generous, find the most appropriate expenditure for money. Something which could buy some happiness and comfort for someone in need. 

Decorate a smile on your face when you see someone

sense of humour

And a genuine one with the crow feet. Let the impression everyone gets seeing your face is a joy. Show everyone how to be happy in life and make them feel it with your smile 

Compliment those who deserve it.

Don’t be stingy in giving out praises to those who deserve it. Even this is part of generosity.

Don’t blabber.

And don’t blabber, it’s bad for both you and the one whom you’re doing it for.

Put genuine efforts to make others happy.

It’s about intention, make it pure. This will boost your spirituality.

Not everything is to be taken seriously

There’s a lot of crap out there. Be selective in what bothers you, make sure it’s important. Don’t waste your time and energy on what’s worthless.

Get organized, declutter your house.

Get your proximity organized to get your mind organized. You can’t recollect yourself until you recollect your stuff in order.

Know that your family deserved more time than social media

Your family is a group of people who deserve your time, attention, and affection the most. Know the priorities.

Be serious about your self-care.

Take good care of yourself, all physical, mental, financial, and spiritual.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

You are one unique individual. Just try to be your best, don’t put yourself in that weighing balance with others.

Look at the poorer people and appreciate what you have.

Look at what a lot of people are deprived of which you enjoy. That’ll make you appreciate what you have.

Be a learner

Keep reading beneficial things and books every day. Your value is based on how you communicate and what you communicate.
I mean what content do you speak, is it enlightening? You need the knowledge to make it so, read books.

Say NO when you have to, learn how to say it. 

Generous people are sometimes exploited. The generosity is misused. Be aware of when and for what to oblige to and feel free to deny what you feel is inappropriate.

Be playful with those whom you love.

learn to forgive

Lighter moments contribute a lot to keeping the love bond alive. And we all need them, it makes it day and it’s how we can make everyone happy. Your family deserved the most followed by friends.

Don’t be a news addict

Restrict yourself to important information only. The benefits of being informed are undeniable, but do you know how happy people were before these need channels existed?
Did you get my point? Don’t let others mold your mentality. 

Rewind your day before you sleep.

It’s very important to review your day. Every day is a new experience, and we adjust ourselves accordingly. That’s how you cope up.

The psychology of being happy is simple, we have to understand the difference between comfort, pleasure, and happiness. 

We need to know what remains for long and what is unsustainable. Make wise decisions even if it’s painful, sometimes we have to go through that pain and discomfort as that’s how to be happy again.