7 ways on how to deal with stress in your life

Why stress is bad

If you’re a Type A personality like I am, then you know that sometimes the small stuff stresses you out. Actually . . . make that most of the time, everything stresses you out. And if it’s so, you need to detox stress to get normal.


It takes away a few years of your life, but your immune system also won’t be working its hardest to protect your body, so you see physical defects as well. This research shows how stress has an effect not only on our mental health but also on the behavioral and biological aspects of our life.

I think handling stress is an extremely important topic to discuss because of how busy and fast-paced our culture is.

Sometimes, stress overcomes us and we tend to release our energy in negative ways.


Here are some simple things you can do to detox stress from your life.

1.) Have a clean, organized workspace.

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Do you find it hard to get work done in your office, space, or home because everything is cluttered and unorganized? Are you a college student who crams relentlessly in a room that is piled high to the ceiling with laundry and papers sprawled out on the floor?

Giving yourself some open and uncluttered space might just want you to need to ease those stress levels. You can’t worry about a different project that needs to be done if it’s out of sight. You can’t procrastinate homework by doing the dishes and laundry if it’s already done.

2.) Log out of social media.

You don’t need it. Not only is social media a huge time-waster, but studies also show that it actually makes people feel worse about themselves, because of the belief that your “friends” are leading more happier and fulfilling lifestyles than you, (which is often just a show).

So what if you’re out of the loop with the gossip? How is knowing useless information that social media feeds to you about other people’s lives make you a better person? If it is difficult to rid the social media because you feel like you are missing out on the lives of your friends, think of it this way: a true friend would notify you about a noteworthy change in their life through a different form of communication than social media.

By using social media less, you will find that you subconsciously start caring less about what everyone thinks and you will worry more about yourself. I challenge you to log out completely for a week and notice the difference.


3.) Quit complaining.

No one likes a complainer. We all know that person who sucks the positivity right out of our day as soon as we associate with them. Don’t be that person. Even if you are stressed beyond belief, don’t be a downer and create negative energy all around you.

Special note: venting is different from complaining. Venting is perfectly healthy! Grab your roommate, significant other, friend, whoever, and warn them that you need to vent. They will understand. But walking around and complaining to your coworkers, your cashier at Walmart, your banker, i.e. anyone who will listen to you can be extremely draining.

Plus, although you may not realize it, you’re bringing yourself down as well. Do you really want to be looked at in that light? Attitude is EVERYTHING!! Embrace it.

4.) Weekly prep your meals.

When you are in a quick bind and on- the go, fast food is the number one worst decision you can make. My suggestion on any food: If you don’t know the ingredients, don’t invest. Choose a day of the week, buy your veggies and healthy eats, prepare them, and store them.

You will save so much time grabbing something out of your fridge each day than cooking a meal. Have your lunches bagged, dinners stored in Tupperware, and read to grab for on-the-go if needed. Don’t feed your body with toxins and poison because you are too busy to prepare a good meal.

I typically like to grocery shop on Sunday, cut my veggies, cook my chicken, and do whatever else I need to do that night so my week is ready to go. On Monday night when you only have five quick minutes to eat dinner before heading to your committee meeting, you will be thanking yourself.

5.) Train yourself to be a morning person.

feeling peaceful

Yes, it can be done. I made the switch about two years ago when I started a summer job that required me to get up every day at 5:30. I found that my body adjusted if I went to bed at the same time every night. I kept the same routine during my last year of college.

A typical day consisted of getting up at 5:30, working out, showering, putting in a load of laundry/cleaning/tidying up, and getting some last-minute homework in all by 9 am. I learned to love this lifestyle because once I had my “distractors” out of my way, I could commit to being productive the rest of my day. It’s such an amazing feeling to get some things checked off of the to-do list early in the day.


6.) Don’t procrastinate.

This should be a given, yet I know many of you are procrastinators. If you have the opportunity, try to get what you need to accomplish as soon as you can so you don’t waste time worrying about having to start it.

Every procrastinated day will add up to the bulk of things for you to regret as you age. Remember, the ultimate beauty of life is to lead a happy life, not a presumably comfortable one. Because comfortable lives aren’t always happy. You don’t want much to worry about as your body starts running out of collagen. Preserve your mental health for more important things.

7.) Have a good work-life balance

A wrecked work-life balance ends up in stress as a consequence. Make sure that you have a balance between both.

Give your time to work on what’s assigned, so that you don’t have due bulks on your head and so that you’re not worn out either. And give time to your family because it’s all life is about, your family is the source of your happiness. Keep them happy.

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