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Inferiority complex

What is Inferiority Complex

Inferiority Complex What is Inferiority Complex if one asks, then it’s a sense of inadequacy, doubt and not being up to the mark about one’s …

happiness in life

59 ways how you choose to be happy, always.

Aren’t you happy? Aren’t you happy? Learn how to be happy again. You must have been when you were a child. You were energetic, motivated, …

Improve nonverbal communication

List of things to do to improve your nonverbal communication

Define nonverbal communication: Some predominant factors define nonverbal communication. Gestures, facial expressions, subtle moves, and touches all together are nonverbal forms of communication. We’re going …

nonberbal communication gesture

Types of nonverbal communication

Eye contact as an example of nonverbal communication Speaking of Communication verbally and nonverbally, the area of interest and importance is the face. And in …

strong personality

Strong Personality, is that what you want to be?

You can turn yourself into the strong personality whose presence is felt and admired by all those are around.

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