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Generalized anxiety disorder treatment without medication

Generalized anxiety disorder treatment without medication

How I heal my Anxiety without drugs? Anxiety is said to be on a rise especially in wealthier countries and with younger generations in focus. It’s going with a pace of around 5% rise annually in countries like the United States according to Medical News Today, thought the report is quite outdated today, but it’s


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Stress due to corona

Approaches to Manage Stress due to Coronavirus

Are you stressed? The most important thing in times of panic and crisis is the ability to make the right decision. Here are approaches to …

Corona psychology

Why are you scared of Corona Virus?

It’s alarming to discover that a disease, for example, coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading over the globe. We’re all involved in tension invited by this pandemic. …

how to tell that someone is lying

Signs that someone is lying

We all want to know what are the signs that someone is lying because the world is full of lies and the liars who tell …


How to reach the peak of the pyramid of needs, Self-Actualization?

Our needs We are beings of necessities, for existence, survival, growth, satisfaction, and sustenance. We have both physiological and emotional needs to be fulfilled. And …

feeling power

How to overcome Inferiority Complex

Should you be concerned about an Inferiority Complex? An Inferiority Complex is a belief in one’s inadequacy, no matter if you aren’t inadequate, but your …

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