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Define personality

What makes a personality? A broad term, so much so that there’s a huge incomplete discussion behind it. Various things which define personality. Have we understood ourselves? our nature, our psychology, the way we are and what makes us, us? The non-apparent features that we own make us along with the physical ones. And together

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Time management
Personal Development

Time management is the key to your success

Importance of time management Time is wealth, time is health, time is everything. You have nothing despite having everything if you don’t have time. And …

how to stay motivated

How to stay motivated(10 tips)

It is crucial to know how to stay motivated. When you have the motivation, you are driven and more determined to make the life that …

Burning with jealousy

How to overcome jealousy

We experience some emotions despite our hatred towards them. Like jealousy. Here we discuss about how to overcome jealousy.

how to control your anger

How to control your anger

Anger is not a condition; it is a symptom that your life is unbalanced. If you get insufficient sleep, go without breakfast, spend every day, …

what is spirituality

What is spirituality?

What is spirituality? Can it be proved scientifically? how do we know of its existence? How is it relevant to psychology? Define spirituality

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