The educated ignorants. Education and etiquette.

What makes us special?

let me begin with a question. What makes us, being human beings distinct? So much so that nothing even comes close to being as good as a man. Education? Literacy? Can we be educated ignorant? hence the qualified illiterate? wonder how could people be so disgraceful to man to call him a descendant of a primate. Utter nonsense wrapped in the name of faulty research. Well, that’s not the story I’m here to tell, coming back to my question, what is it that makes us stand out?

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”

Clarence Thomas

Is it the brain that differentiates us?

Education and mannerism

Education and mannerism

Let’s guess, is it that we don’t have tails? Well, that one was very immature, is it that we can walk just on two legs? Is it because we can talk? Well, we certainly aren’t the strongest of creatures. Then is it the brain which unarguably is of the capacity no other creature could reach. Don’t animals get an education? Or could it be all of this?
But considering all of these aspects what we excel in is it very exclusive to us? think about it; don’t animals talk? I mean, don’t they communicate? It’s unintelligible for us though but you must’ve heard them calling and communicating with each other.


We have always been inspired by them.

animal etiquette
inspired by bird

They have been an inspiration for us since long, many of the medicines being directly inspired by animals like monkeys, horses, and many others, many of our infrastructure being inspired by them may it be, nests, hooves, and burrows I can go on with more by this is sufficient enough to prove my point that they do have a skill level and an education level innate to them. Of course, it’s confined to their needs only. Maybe the mother nature educates them for that.

If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.

James Herriot

How do we differ in mannerism?

Education Etiquettes[/caption]

Now tell me, do they have a culture? Set of ethics, principles? Modesty? We still would find these but what makes us stand out in the huge crowd of creations is that we excel in this all, we have it as much as it’s needed to be a man. A way of life, a system, discipline, way to talk, behave, how we grow spiritually; It’s part of what education we get. Considering all these aspects and many more like these aspects make a human being, more of it makes a better human being and less of it otherwise. Can you imagine a lion who couldn’t hunt? An eagle who couldn’t fly, an elephant who couldn’t use its trunk, the discussion is lost.


Literacy Vs Etiquette

Be honest, won’t you prefer an illiterate, soft speaking, well mannered, disciplined, well with etiquette and honest man over an educated man who lacks the qualities and etiquette? Maybe it’s not just the education or more precisely it isn’t what we call educationf that makes a man. But it’s not the qualification certificate that makes a man, it’s the qualities he owns, how spiritually strong he is. No matter how he’s educated, no matter if any piece of paper qualifies him or not. He still remains the more educated no matter if he couldn’t even read. Literacy and education at this point seem so different to me. Though I shall never deny the importance of it as it sure makes one shine and glitter but he needs the polish of etiquette before, without which he’s incomplete.

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