Build your integrity keeping your word

What’s your worth?

How seriously do people take you? We all must’ve heard the shepherd boy and the wolf story. The boy lied for fun but ultimately it cost him his life when he really needed help. As people had lost their trust in him and couldn’t know when the wolf was actually there.

I wish I could tell him “dude, you failed to protect your integrity by keeping your word.”


Do you feel pity for the guy?

I don’t know, I am sort of confused as to have sympathy for his death or his deed. You can end up in a similar situation contextually if not as worse if you have difficulty building your integrity and keeping your word.

Yes, be the man of your word. 

I’ve seen managers who adopt to portray a strict image of themselves. How? Threatening the subordinates or employees saying I’ll do this and I’ll do that. 


Guess what they all know? 

He’ll never do it. And that’s exactly what makes everyone lose his credibility. Bad management. 

Now be it a parent threatening the child of the consequences, it gives the same effect. 


It might have a slight effect on the first attempt. But with every instance the child fails to see it experience the consequences, he loses the weight of the word. 

Now I’m not favoring any act of punishment here. Just for the record. 

It works the same way with a promise of reward. You don’t see a reward, you lose motivation and it doesn’t create the same effect the next time.

What I’m trying to say is be the man of your word. Build your integrity by keeping your word. 

You can’t expect to be taken seriously when you don’t take yourself seriously. 

No matter how skillful you are, being honest is the unmatched quality that builds trust and integrity. 

Now like every previous thing is rare, so if this. 

I mean isn’t that what makes it precious?

 And not to forget the fact that worthy things are as rare as the hardship it takes to attain them. 

Yes, you’ll be treated with time. And it did take some time and events to get you that integrity. People around you need to experience and witness your courage to stand by your word. 

The more events they see, the stronger their narration gets. 

And you’ll get events where you’ll have choices and easy ways out. Unless you value your integrity more than other apparent benefits in sacrificing it, you’re not the one.

Now to build that level of integrity by keeping your word, you need unbreakable confidence. More the merrier. You need a level of trust in yourself so that you can stand the challenge, and you need the courage to build that level of trust in yourself.

Trust is built upon your beliefs, and beliefs about yourself. Look for any limiting beliefs as we call them in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and get rid of them. See how you see yourself, how you describe yourself, and how you identify yourself. 

integrity keeping your word

Check for your perception of yourself and your capabilities. 

Your beliefs about yourself may not always be true though, there’s a huge probability that you misjudge your capabilities and that’s what we rectify and NLP. 

Try to identify your limitations perceived you, and ask yourself why is that a limitation. What choices do you have? Is it really a limitation or is it your perception that’s limiting you from success? 

Get rid of all the roadblocks to being successful, don’t think of your failures, think of what you’ve achieved. Relive the moments of your achievements in the past, experience the feeling. Feel the confidence, that’s something you’ve earned, preserve it, and use it for what lies ahead.

Tell yourself that you have all the resources to achieve what you want. All the best. 

Why is this spiritual?

Because you have to be honest, more to yourself than anyone else. Because you have to be prepared to face any loss and pain you might come across in the journey. Because it’s not easy and only those with a strong will and strong values can surpass the trial.

And this hence is about spirituality, because that’s where your values are set. And these decide how strong should you be to safeguard your values and hence your integrity.