Why is that some people appeal to you so much? In fact, they intimidate everyone around them with that strong personality of theirs. What’s strong personality psychology?

Can you be a strong personality?

What is that they possess that others don’t? It’s not the person you admire when you see, it’s the personality that impresses you. Your personality development journey can get you there if you want. I mean, who doesn’t ha?

Strong personality definition

Do you know what makes a person with a strong personality psychology special? Such characters are rare. It’s not easy to possess strong personality traits. But those who have that strong character, enjoy it. And so do others around them.

A headstrong personality’s presence is felt in a room. With the charisma it spreads, you can see all eyes turning towards that very person.

How is that person psychologically different from you? Can you be that person? 

If you’re affirmative then are you ready to do what it takes to be that person? Oh yes, you can most certainly be a strong person.

1. Self-confidence:

strong character

These are the people who are in control. And they get this control because they have this trust in themselves. They believe in themselves.

A psychological study has been conducted recently at Ohio State University it’s been found that your career plans are influenced by the level of your self-esteem 67 undergraduate students with majors in psychology or business participated in this research. It has turned out that students encouraged by professors had bigger dreams about their future. Statistically, self-confident people are found to earn more and are quicker in climbing up the career ladder. 

If you want to be self-confident, then take charge of your life, stop perceiving other’s judgments. You know what you want to make of your life.

Work on yourself, exercise, let the confidence build up. Self-confidence is a vivid characteristic which you can notice in strong people.

2. Learn to say no

Learn to say no

That overload sweetness in you will get you consumed. Sweet and soft people often get manipulated, I do despite knowing I’m being.

And you know what, we get slain with a smile, irony. But people with a strong personality, you must have seen them, they abruptly yet softly refuse without any hesitation. Oh my! Isn’t that admirable?

Now I’m not asking you not to be helpful. All I say is that don’t get exploited. Know when and whom to say yes and for what. Let everyone know that they’ll not get a blind yes from you. Don’t let them take you for granted.

Often such easy people aren’t comprehended, unlike what they expect. The inability to deny favor also provokes stress, depression, and anxiety. It’s utterly fine to say no.

No, you don’t have to be rude, no could also be conveyed in a polite manner. If you find it unmanageable then at least don’t accept the request right away, postpone the decision.

Think about it, if you want to say no, practice saying so and say it out loud, I mean not literally, but say it.

3. Don’t crave attention

Attention seeking in itself is a weak character trait. Why are you endeavoring for attention? Think about why are you not getting it? You just need to build and work on that list of good traits that turn you into a marvelous and charming new you.

But one such strong character trait is not to be an attention seeker, this will slander your self-confidence and self-esteem altogether. Seek your own attentiveness in making you a better self. 

4. Sense of humor

sense of humour
Keep spreading smiles

People like those who have the art of making you smile and laugh. It says they know how to keep people happy. And who doesn’t want to be happy?

People with a good sense of humor laugh at their own failures. They even cope with stress with a laugh, they communicate it positively, not being hopeless.

There was a study conducted by Case Western Reserve University that examined how useful the coping humor scale could be the study involved 96 college students it turned out that humor played an extremely important role in revitalizing the psychological adjustment of some people at the same time it was associated with higher self-esteem, lower depression level and lower level of loneliness.

Everyone enjoys humorous company, hence they are more sociable and seldom suffer from loneliness.

5. Be knowledgeable: 

Education and mannerism

People have expectations of an influential character. They expect you to be strong in many aspects, and that’s what makes you strong as a whole personality.

Visualize you’re in a discussion about a particular subject, and you find yourself to be the most informed person won’t that boost your spirit? It certainly will, and moreover, it will heighten your credibility. 

Of all the signs of a person with strong traits, it is one to get repelled by ignorance and stupidity. If you want to develop strength in your character, then you shouldn’t pay any heed to what makes no sense and illogical conversations.

Read, gain knowledge to present a strong viewpoint, for people with a strong point of view with a strong supportive reason are more valuable. 

6. Hard-working:

how to get motivated. Sports spirit

Having a strong personality comes with a price, it’s worth it though. It’s not for the lazy birds out there.

Leadership training company vital smarts have conducted research according to which high-performing employees are responsible for 61 percent of a department output but at the same time, most of them experience lower levels of stress than average employees. Their secret is that they work not harder but smarter for better results and performance. 

Working hard hence doesn’t mean working long. It’s about how much work one can do in the given time, happily. Yes happily is important, because you’ve to be stress-free to be efficient.

Moreover, you can only be productive if you enjoy your work. You do it because you want to, not if anybody else wants you to. 

Avoid distractions, you know your distractions best, or don’t you? Do you have a smartphone? And don’t let yourself get annoyed.

Keep the enthusiasm alive, don’t saturate the interest. This will also feed your self-confidence helping you be a confident and strong personality.

7. The ability to read other people 

Not everyone is alike, that’s why we have personalities. Everyone has a different psychology, the different personality determinants in their lives make them unique.

But identifying what they are and how different are they are the necessary skill you require to deal with people. Because, if you don’t know what works for whom, then you can’t make it work. In fact, things might go terribly wrong for you. “One size fits all” doesn’t work here

Not everything is what it appears to be. The motive behind things and words might be totally different. And our oblivion makes us take the wrong decisions.

Like a child’s tantrum might be because he isn’t receiving the attention he requires. Someone fancies you but couldn’t get the audacity to express it, and you never noticed it. You need to observe it, look through the words and behaviors, understand the psychology to know the motive behind every action. 

Try practicing some nonverbal clues and gestures people give sometimes even subconsciously. Observe people, try to pick out subtle gestures that are often left unnoticed. You’ll be surprised to know that we communicate more nonverbally. And speech could be fabricated, but gestures are difficult to. 

8. The ability to attract people. 

A Strong Personality, is that what you want to be? 1

We’re talking about the strong personality, those are strong personalities because they attract people. No, not because of their looks, but because of what their personality is.

You just feel the charm and the positive vibes they spread around their presence, don’t you? 

Of course, to be one such kind of personality, you need to be able to attract people. No, grooming only will not work, at all. 

Trust me you can attract people. Be genuinely interested in their lives, not poky though. You know what I mean, knowing the boundary of where you should mind your own business, needn’t say.

Be useful to them, listen to them with all ears. Have eye contact, smile, and make them feel comfortable in your company. 

Don’t oppose an opinion, even if you do, wait and present it in the right way, being on their side, the same page. Suppress your desire to speak about yourself, ask questions to show that you’re interested, which you genuinely should be.

And express when you feel offended and uncomfortable, in a modest and cool way, not being reactive. Being honest is very important, you can’t fake it, so don’t try it

9. The ability to control the reactions of your body 

If you let lose yourself to do what it feels like, you’re going to jeopardize most of the relations if not all. An unlikeable person generally suffers from a lack of control over themself.

Though you have to be genuine but reacting to situations doesn’t go well, everyone does not think from our point of view and they’re psychologically different of course. If you want to succeed in life, have good relations, build a strong personality, you can’t do it without gaining control over yourself. 

Often we turn out to be our worst enemies, if you fail to control yourself, you’ll fail to achieve your goals. Because the world and the people aren’t the way we plan.

We have to plan according to the people and the world we live in. And more importantly, be ready to flex around as it doesn’t turn out to be the way we think it would. 

Get aware of your own emotions, don’t let yourself get carried away. Get yourself physically tired, do some exercise. A Workout will help you a lot in this. Don’t let the steam out, use it for a productive purpose, it’s an energy and you shouldn’t waste it. Reacting does no good, it finally leads to regrets.

Fearless is the strong personaltiy

10. Fearlessness

With strength shall come bravery. And it obviously is contrary to fear. If you aspire to be strong, then face your fears if you have them, which everyone has.

Look into the eyes and challenge your own fears, so that you overcome them. This will make you stronger as a person.

This will increase your self-confidence and it certainly will reflect on your personality where others will start seeing it clearly. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, building personality traits, especially a strong personality is the same almost. It’s not overnight work, the person who you are has taken years to build it, all the personality determinants have played their role in making you.

What does a strong personality mean? It’s to have strong characters that make that personality. 

what is strong personality?

A personality which is self dependent and reliant. Independent of others accreditation and approval and with the ability to withstand tough situations.

What are the characteristics of strong personality?

self reliance
Self confidence
Self motivated
Self esteemed

How can I be a strong personality?

By adapting, practicing and including personality traits like mental strength, self reliance and ability to with stand the unexpected.

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