These 7 Tips will make you instantly feel more powerful

If you need a sense of power, confidence, right now, how would you achieve it?

Let me tell you.

We all have the ups and downs of life, which influence our state of mind hence our performance and outcomes. Can we do anything about that? 

It’s possible,

Oh yes, you can control the way you think to an extent. And you can make yourself feel more powerful and robust.

And more interestingly, it’s instant.

How can I feel more powerful and confident?

Confidence comes with power and power increases with confidence. You work on one and you get the other as both go hand in hand. Your confidence is your strength.

Following activities will give your brain an instant boost of confidence, and you’ll feel more powerful and in control. 

Now, who doesn’t want that? Let’s begin.


1. Imagine the moment you’re proud of.

Our perceptions of reality create our beliefs. And sometimes our experiences give us a bitter taste of life.

We all have gone through it, and probably are going to face more such situations. Come on, that’s what life is about, ups and downs.

But here’s the deal.

Next time when you feel weak and begin to lose hope in yourself, hold on. Just close your eyes and imagine that one moment of your life when you felt most confident.

Go there and live that moment again. See what you saw and hear what you heard, as we say it in NLP. If you could go beyond that, even try to smell that moment. 

Are you enjoying it already?

Look around, hear what the people are saying, feel the environment, and the moment. 

I hope you’ve already got some positive vibes in you. 

Yet not done, are we? There’s more.

2. Heard of a power pose?

The other day I was wandering with my friends having a party in a farmhouse. And a loud duck quarrel caught our attention. 

And this is what we saw.

We reached just when the fight finished, and we saw the victorious duck had spread its wings wide, making it look bigger. 

The power pose, as explained by Amy Cuddy‘s Ted Talk. I recommend you have a look at this before we proceed.

Now imagine,

Had you been in the situation of that victorious duck we just spoke about, how’d you describe the mental state at that power pose moment? 

Let’s do it now,

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in that situation, spread yourself and give that power pose. What do you feel, see yourself victorious, powerful, and with skyrocketing confidence? How does it feel to you? 

Exactly, that’s the power of power pose. 

Here, this will convince you better,

Think of a power pose, like a superman, a boss, or whatever you feel appropriate. Act it, yeah, get up and do the pose. Just to spice up, add a smile too.


Try to feel sadness and stressed emotions. Can you? I bet you couldn’t quite do it as you’d had you not been in a power pose. Like you can’t be angry when smiling.

That being said, you now have a tool to pump up your sense of power anytime. And yeah, just for the record, try nobody sees you while doing it. 

feel more powerful

3. Suit up

Your dress defines your taste and attitude. It also helps shape your state of mind.

Why does a flaw on your shirt get you mad? Try attending a meeting wearing a shirt with a spot, imagine what difference it makes?

Or say, if you haven’t pressed your shirt? It makes a huge difference in our state of mind. 

No matter what others might think or even notice, you’ll certainly do.

So if you want an instant change in your state of mind, which you do, dress up. Wear that dress of yours, which makes you feel distinctive and compelling. 

4. Deepen your voice

From which part of your throat do you speak? I mean the upper one or the lower? 

Does that even matter? Have you heard Morgan Freeman speak?

Can you judge someone’s authority by Just hearing the voice? Like when you receive a phone call. 

Have you noticed the voices used in radio programs and voice-overs have a deeper voice? That flat pitch makes a significant difference in perception, doesn’t it? 

Imagine an essential message converted in a high pitch voice, like that of a Mickey mouse. How many of us would take it seriously?

If you want to feel powerful, just lower the place from where you speak. Deepen your voice, just not as much as Batman that’ll hurt your throat. 

5. Spritz on some fragrance.

We, humans, are attracted to what smells good. Right from food to flowers, we love what feels good. 

On the contrary, we get repelled big time by foul odor. It is a system by which we assess things categorizing them into good and bad. 

All this is based on what it smells. If you want to feel good about yourself, then smell good. Use some deodorant spray some perfume.


6. Breathe and speak slowly.

What do you do if you panic? I mean how do you breathe? Yes, you pant. And we want to achieve the exact opposite of panicking, and that’s what you’ve to do with breathing.

Yes, this is what relaxes you,

The slow and steady breathing, try it. Take a deep breath, slowly and peacefully, then exhale, slowly and calmly. How do you feel? 

That’s the impact of slow breathing, slow breathing is consciously breathing. 

Which means,

You are in control of your breathing and you’re in control so you’re in power
. Makes sense?

Here try this.

And there’s more,

Like you breathe heavy and rapidly when you’re out of control like when panicked, you do the same with your speech. Yes, you got it, speak slowly and you’ll feel more powerful, instantaneously.

It made more sense to write these two factors together as they are interdependent. You manage one other one that comes along. I just wanted you to be aware of it consciously to get that feeling of psychological power in you. 

7. Your ritual of confidence

Now, this is subjective. Everyone might have a ritual, a personal one, which makes you feel in a way that might define your state of mind.

You being the beautiful unique being yourself might have your own, let’s know in the comments if you do, I’d love to know that. 

This ritual is what triggers an emotion, sort of an anchor, as we call it in NLP. Have you heard of Pavlov’s did and classical conditioning? We all night have different conditionings to different stimuli. Maybe even without being aware of it.


See if you have any such trigger to change your state to be powerful. Trigger that, and you’ll start feeling it in you. 

It’s not that difficult to be a strong personality if you know a handful of tricks. Join us, for we’re committed to bringing you what you need to be stronger and better. 

And let me tell you this.

Feeling powerful isn’t about controlling others, it’s about controlling yourself. 

What makes you feel more powerful?

Your confidence can make you feel more powerful. Confidence may again depend on other factors like your situation, position, previous experience, and your materialistic possessions like money or strength.

How can I feel more confident?

1. Practice what you’re doing.u003cbru003e2. Trust yourself.u003cbru003e3. Use the right body language.u003cbru003e4. Choose your dress appropriately.u003cbru003e5. Use your voice and tone accordinglyu003cbru003e6. Speak slowly.u003cbru003e7. Move slowly, (not lazily)

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