taking control

Do you want a better lifestyle? Are you fed up with just going with the flow and doing what ‘has to be done instead of what you want? Have you thought for yourself? I think many people struggle with the daily routine they find themselves caught up in, striving, taking back control. Whether we ask…Read more

The Blame Game

the blame game

Sometimes it seems that blame is all around us. When something negative occurs, often people immediately seek to find who is “at fault.” In a depressive state of mind, clients sometimes blame themselves for feeling the way that they do. Blame game leading to stress When excessive blaming continues without notice, it becomes more of a reflexive type of response…Read more

5 ways to think for yourself- a skill no one teaches you.

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Learning how to think for yourself can be a bit overwhelming especially when you’re not used to it. I was reading a book about a young girl who was working as a housekeeper for some wealthy people to make ends meet. While cleaning, she’d listen to her boss and his wife discuss issues, events, and…Read more

8 Revealing Secrets to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

stop second guessing

Second-guessing plagued me just about every weekend. I wasn’t very good at choosing which social invitations to accept, always worrying that if I said “yes” to something before I knew what all my options were, I’d somehow miss out on something better. The problem with that mentality is that sometimes something better doesn’t come along.…Read more

Negative motivation

negative motivation

Humans are not rational creatures. We are the most complex beings on this planet and what is irrational to us, might be rational to another person. This is why it’s difficult to motivate people without understanding more about who they are and what they want. Understanding Negative Motivation Negative motivation is a psychological principle that…Read more

Towards or away from motivation?

towards or away from motivation

Generally, motivations are of two types, towards or away from motivation. One way you want to achieve something and the other way you want to relieve yourself of some undesirable thing or state. The energy or the drive that supplies the energy to convert an intention into action is the motivation. It’s the reason behind…Read more

How to stop being too nice

stop being too nice

Are you nice? You should be good if you’re not. In fact you should be too nice too, but the circumstance we’re referring here is being vulnerable. Hence for those whose goodness leads others to exploit them need to know how to stop being too nice. Yes, in a sense being so nice that the…Read more

Omg! The Best Advantages Of Self-motivation Ever!

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows

What is motivation You do a lot of tasks, oftentimes it so happens that you have a strong desire to do a certain thing. That desire could be the simple term used for motivation. Self-Motivation in that sense is just the desire you could create on your own. Motivation is like fuel, which drives you…Read more

Social Loafing

social loafing at work

What Is Social Loafing?  Social loafing alludes to the idea that individuals are inclined to apply less exertion on an errand if they are in a gathering versus when they work alone. Working in bunches is ordinarily observed as an approach to improve the achievement of an undertaking by pooling the aptitudes and gifts of…Read more

The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows

You know why most of the people out there fail to succeed? fail to achieve their dreams? Because it’s fun to watch those dreams, but it isn’t so much fun to pursue them. And that’s because the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. How is the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows “The world ain’t…Read more

How mental growth shapes your personality.

growth mindset

Life is the name of growth, I don’t know if anybody said that but I feel so. Apparently, we say that you’re growing old. But you don’t, not unless your physical growth is accompanied by mental growth. Did you ever wonder, Why do they say that “age is just a number”. Perhaps, it’s because of…Read more

How to deal with someone who constantly criticizes you, and you don’t like it.

how to deal when you are criticized

We, humans, are social beings, very social. And the credibility of society is being praised, the more you have it the more worthy you become.  One of the ways how we acknowledge someone is by praising them. And in that sense, criticism is negative currency, if at all it exists. Hence, it is very important…Read more

Top 10 Motivational Quotes to get Motivated


Motivation keeps you moving to your desired outcome. We all need it, those who have it have all the resources for success. 1. “Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.” Nevertheless, to say, you feel very tempted not to work hard. Our subconscious is quite protective and illogical. And that could be both fortunately and unfortunately,…Read more

These 7 Tips will make you instantly feel more powerful

feel powerful

If you need a sense of power, confidence, right now, how would you achieve it? Let me tell you. We all have the ups and downs of life, which influence our state of mind hence our performance and outcomes. Can we do anything about that?  It’s possible, Oh yes, you can control the way you…Read more

How to stay focused

how to stay focused

How to stay focused? Focus can make or break our success. We all have the same seven days in the week, the same 24 hours in a day. The people who became successful aren’t the ones who have worked the hardest. They are the ones who can maintain the maximum focus in the minimum minutes…Read more

Work-Life Balance, the detailed facts, problems, and 15 solutions.

work life balance

What is Work-Life balance? Being at work isn’t the same as it used to be for those who don’t work anymore, your grandparents. Ask them, and they’ll tell you how it used to be, how was their work-life balance. Work wasn’t as stressful as it’s now. It was less intense, both in terms of time…Read more

How to Stop Being Unproductive

stop being unproductive

We don’t get enough of one thing, ever, time. The Babylonians categorized time into minutes and hours, but time is life.  Yes, it is, and while you are reading this, you’re using it. Don’t worry, though, am all into making it productive.  After all, it’s not how many hours, days, or years we’ve or we’ll…Read more

13 best tips on how to be productive

being busy is being productive

How to be productive is the question that comes to our minds whenever we are doing any work. So let us know what exactly productivity means? Is it the ability to achieve your goals? What is Productivity? Productivity is not just about checking boxes off your to-do list. It’s about making sure you’re getting the…Read more

How are you using the lockdown time?

scared boy

Didn’t you ever take a sigh of regret and think that “I wish I had more time to do that”? Like you wish you could’ve learned what you cannot learn now because you don’t have time for it? Guess what? Wish granted. Using the time for the right thing is upon you though On troubled…Read more

How To Get People To Like Working From Home.

Disciplined personality

It isn’t the same of course Working from home is sometimes a choice and sometimes a necessity. Most people only get that work feeling in the work environment, and it’s only if they see that desk, typing or printing sound, colleagues around, and, most importantly, the boss’s presence that they get the trigger to work.…Read more

The body language of Confidence

body language of confidence

Show your confidence without uttering a word.  Your body language of confidence is what says it loud, your aspirations and determination. It’s your body language of confidence, which reveals the strength of your personality. How serious would you take someone with drooled shoulders and anxiety written all over his face? There’s an apparent reason to…Read more