How to stay focused

How to stay focused? Focus can make or break our success. We all have the same seven days in the week, the same 24 hours in a day. The people who became successful aren’t the ones who have worked the hardest. They are the ones who can maintain the maximum focus in the minimum minutes of their work.

As we struggle to meet today’s challenges, we’re tempted to do more with less in our organizations and lives. And yet the key to accomplishing our goals may be to do less with more–more focus, attention, and sense of purpose.


Why it’s important?

If you want good scores or good money in life, it’s about how focused you can be. So it’s essential to know how to stay focused. Before we know how to stay focused, let’s understand what is focus first

The focus is on staying in one place. Switching off from all the distractions in your life, and staying glued to one spot, in one thought, in one work task. But while you try to stay focused, the enemies of focus will distract you—the breakups, the bad marks, the insults, etc.

We all have pain in our lives. The insecurities, performance pressure, anxiety of the future we all have the same worries in our lives. Pains and fears are your biggest enemies in the process of being focused.

You can reach your goals very fast if you stay focused at anywhere like school, work, etc. You can be more productive also. If you don’t focus and get distracted, then you will not be able to reach the goals which you have set. Then you will stay where you were and will not be able to reach the next level.


The big question now is how to stay focused on the age of distractions? There are so many things which are demanding your attention. Everyone and everything around you is pulling you in different directions.

In these situations, your ability to concentrate and focus on the task in hand will determine your productivity and how fast you can achieve your target. If you’re focused, you’re going to achieve your goals much quicker compared to if you’re being distracted, if you’re multitasking, or if your attention is pulled in different directions.

If you’re feeling stressed out by all you have to do, unhappy with your lack of focus, then these tips will help you turn that around in a big way.

1. How to stay focused by Eliminating distractions

how to stay focused

Distraction is your focus’s greatest enemy. Like temptation, distractions will find all the possible ways to mess with your concentration. When you start your work, you should eliminate all the potential sources of disturbances.


Distractions can be internal also. These are those doubts and worries that do nothing to help you reach your goal. Practice avoiding these thoughts. Keep on practicing it until you are free from these thoughts.

2. Enjoy what you are doing

Search for ways to make the process of achieving your goal more enjoyable. Sometimes it takes a change of scenery only. Other times, you have to find the right perspective to look at your situation.

Whenever you are doing something you love, like cooking, reading, photographing, or your favorite hobby, then you have no problems concentrating, right?

But if you are forced to do something you hate, it seems like anything can take your mind off your work.

3. Don’t allow emotional conflicts

One of the biggest problems for staying focused is emotional conflict. This kind of problem eats away at your concentration because it makes us overthink, and we will not be able to focus on the task.

If there is anything that is bothering you, resolve it right away before getting back to work. Do not allow it to fester inside you. The longer you delay resolving such conflicts, the harder it will be to stay focused.

5. Break things down into small pieces

Imagine you are given one whole cake to eat. Can you swallow it down in one bite? It would be pretty impossible to make an entire cake fit in your mouth, but you can eat it all if you cut it into several slices.

Then, you can eat a slice of cake one bite after another. Sometimes, focusing only on the bigger picture is not helpful. There are times when you have to forget about the bigger picture for a while and concentrate on one part of the picture at a time.

6. Proper sleep 

According to experts, sleep can have a significant impact on your ability to concentrate. Having proper sleeping hours will improve your concentration. Having too little or even too much of it may create problems with staying focused.

To get enough sleep every night, you should try keeping regular hours or at least have a fixed schedule for sleep.

7. Take a time out 

Taking small breaks while working can help you stay focused. For every hour you should take At least 5 to 10 minutes break, and for every half hour, you should take 3 to 5 minutes break. Timeout will make you fresh and motivated to finish the task at hand.

These breaks will give rest to your eyes and mind so that you can focus better. You can even set a timer also to remind yourself. You can skip the break if you don’t feel like taking it.

8. Don’t multitask 

Multitasking is misleading. It doesn’t mean what we think it does. Our minds will not be able to focus on more than one task at a time. Multitasking means switching from one task to another. The more we switch from one task to another, then we use more energy.

Try to make a list of tasks to be done in order and stick to it. The lesser you try to do at once, the better you can focus.

9. Be mindful 

Being mindful means, you can maintain moment-to-moment awareness of where you are and what you’re doing, which is excellent news when you’re trying to stay focused.

By staying mindful and recognizing when your attention starts to go away, you can bring your focus back to where it’s needed. You can train your brain also to be more mindful by concentration techniques.

10. Do creative works first 

Generally, we start our work with easy and mindless tasks and then the most difficult task. That will drain our energy, and our focus also will be reduced. To focus more, we have to reverse the order.

We should start our day with tasks which require creativity and concentration. Then we should do more manageable tasks. This will make us stay focused on more critical tasks.

11. Remember why you started

When you’re going to start something, your reasons behind it are fresh in your memory. They’re clear to you. After some time, whenever you have problems or if you are struggling, then go back to the beginning and remember why you have started it.

That’s your motivation, that’s your purpose, and that’s why you’re doing what you’re doing right now. This will make you stay focused.

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