Do you want a better lifestyle?

Are you fed up with just going with the flow and doing what ‘has to be done instead of what you want? Have you thought for yourself?

I think many people struggle with the daily routine they find themselves caught up in, striving, taking back control.


Whether we ask for it or not we are in constant demand.

We are in demand from our jobs, family life, money, society, rules the list is endless. The pressure can be massive! Distressing.

The work-life balance that needs to be maintained isn’t realistic without us being in control.

It can feel at times, as though life is running away from us all at once in the blink of an eye with all these crazy demands and we have no time just to stop and think.


Are we fully enjoying life or are we just conforming to society? (that’s another story for a different time).

What can we do about that?

To stop this mainstream cycle of demands we really have to take back some control. We need to grab life with both hands and sidestep from our one-track journey onto a journey with multiple paths and adventures to be had.

I feel the easiest way to do this is through simple things we often take for granted. When I say simple I really do mean simple.


Here’s how we get back the control

I have listed below 5 SIMPLE GIFTS that you have to give yourself every single day to help change your mindset and gain back control that’s been lacking for so long.

The gift of saying  no 

say no

Yeah so…say no.

If you don’t want to do something just turn it down.

Wither it be meeting up with friends even though you haven’t had a minute to yourself or taking on a new project at work whilst you are 6 feet under with a current one. Give yourself the gift of choice by saying NO

We live in such a fast-track lifestyle with everyone buzzing around without a second to just stop and think.

The daily demands and pressure can be so overwhelming at times.

Set yourself a goal to say “No” to just one thing per day. It will give you a sense of being in control (not to mention the liberation you feel) and that does amazing things for the soul. 

I never realized how effective saying no would be until I actually started adopting it. Any fellow people pleaser’s out there will know how hard it can be to just say no to people.

It’s now my favorite staying in control tactic. 

The gift of Saying yes 

I know this is the complete opposite of what I have just preached, but saying yes is just as important as no.

Try getting into the habit of saying yes to things you wouldn’t normally agree to.

Say yes to that biscuit you have been depriving yourself of all week.

Being a yes person can only open up new experiences for yourself.  

I bet you can think of multiple times you wish you had said just said yes?

Open up all the doors you can and if doesn’t work out you can walk away knowing that you took the opportunity and tried.

The gift of being outdoors 

Discipline and Success

Take yourself to your favorite place outdoors and just soak in your surroundings.

Or simply take a walk for some headspace.

Being outdoors is something that many of us take for granted. 

We are so lucky as humans to be able to just step outside and experience the elements, the scenery, and the people all around us. 

We have the choice to be outside whenever we please…pretty damn awesome!

Exercising in the fresh always elevates my mood and clears my mind from any negative thoughts or stresses I may be experiencing.

The gift of time 

Always dedicate some relaxation time to yourself.

For me sitting in glorious silence alone surrounded by a clean tidy home does it for me, but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you like to take a long drive listening to music – then just do it.

Make sure you always set time aside for yourself.

Time for you to reflect, time to talk to friends, or just sit idle immersed in the peace of nothingness. 

Whatever it is you taking time out for, make sure you enjoy it to the max. Even this relaxation is part of your personal growth.

The gift of being present

Take a mental note of everything you feel when you are going about your daily life. Absorb the feelings, sounds, sensations you are experiencing when you are doing normal everyday things. You don’t really need a psychologist for that, do you?

How does your juice taste,?

How does the pen you are holding feel?

With practice being present will become second nature.  

Being present has a huge positive impact on the choices we make, our mood, how we perceive things, and our physical body. 

Break the cycle and start gifting yourself straight away.

This is your life and you should live it the way you want. Your being aware and in control will emphasize your well-being. You’ll be happier.

Whoever you are, whatever you do and wherever you have come from is irrelevant.

You are you and you can start living your best life right away by taking back that control!