How to stay motivated(10 tips)

It is crucial to know how to stay motivated. When you have the motivation, you are driven and more determined to make the life that you want to live. You won’t believe that everything in life is easy, but you know that you are ready to do whatever it takes to reach your goal, regardless of what challenges that pose.

Are you someone lacking enthusiasm and a zest for life and are you someone who believes that I will do it but never actually does it. If you not doing what you intend to do, you may well have a problem with motivation.

Many people suffer from a lack of motivation. But just because it is common, it does not mean that you should accept that way of living. You were not put on Earth to live the same life as everybody else. You have your own purpose, your own goals, and you will also have your motivations. Not everyone is born with motivation.

There is a severe lack in some who believe ‘I’ll get to that one day or ‘the timing isn’t right or a classic case of ‘I can’t do that. Motivation is the defining factor that turns a good thought into immediate action. It sets a good idea into a business and can positively impact the world around you.

These are a few ways with which we can know how to stay motivated.

1. How to stay motivated by Embracing the hurdles 

 The hurdles are there to see how much you deserve success. For every hurdle that is in place that you jump over, weave around, or breakthrough is a hurdle someone else didn’t have the guts to compete. You are one cut above the rest. If it were easy, then there would be no greatness in achieving the task at hand. Embrace the hurdles show them who’s BOSS!! 

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2. Shift the doubt 

It’s easy to focus on how hard something is, but the reason why we focus on the hardship is that we doubt ourselves. Stop doubting yourself.

Start doubting your fears instead, laugh at the stupid thought of you being scared of something that doesn’t exist or hasn’t even happened yet. If we have doubted our fears instead of doubting our dreams, imagine how much in life we’d accomplish.

3. Find someone who hates you

 Sounds crazy, I know, but this one might just work. A common theme in the reasoning behind several successful people shows that they were driven to prove their haters wrong. This could be the fuel to your fire. Just expect that they are going to be harsh, a desire to show them that you are more than they expect in a way will keep you motivated.

4. Know your standards

How high is your bar set? How well do you know your capabilities? Really think about this and set a visual bar in your mind for your beliefs in what you can achieve. The problem is that most people don’t even know what their standards are; they just stab aimlessly in the dark. That is not good enough. We only get what we believe we deserve. Raise the bar, raise your standards, and you will receive a better outcome.  

5. Visualize the goal

Are you losing hope? Visualize your end goal in different colors, different ways, angles, shapes, and forms. Make it so real and attractive in your mind that you are so close to touching it. Now go out there and get it. You just owned it. It’s yours. Whenever you feel like losing hope, just remember why you started, it will help you stay motivated.

We have techniques in NLP where we make you visualize the outcome and live the moment and feel it to help your subconscious mind to make the right decisions that go towards the outcome. The law of attraction.

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6. Read motivational stories

There are millions of years’ worth of knowledge compiled into the books that are available at our fingertips nowadays. Some people have spent a lifetime sharing their mistakes, their adversities, and their triumphs through books.

Why would you not get your hands on a book that will light a fire in your belly and inspire you to move? Reading an excellent motivational story can make you stay motivated.

7. Become a leader

The responsibility of leading others to achieve success is a strong motivator in itself.  It draws everything out of you; it demands resourcefulness and can reassure you that you can be respected and admired by others. Being a leader and guiding others with you is a strong factor that makes you stay motivated.

8. Reward yourself

Reward yourself for every achievement you make. You will start to create a remarkable effect within your psyche that conditions you with more positive thoughts and will help you build a stronger belief that the hard work will definitely pay off every time.

9. Talk to yourself 

No person can motivate you more than you yourself. Self-talk is the best way to stay motivated. If ever you feel low or confused, talk to yourself, ask yourself questions, and you will find the answers are within you. This is the best method to stay motivated.

10. Be gentle on yourself 

Everyone falls short sometimes. If you fail to meet your goals, take it as a lesson. It’s not always about how hard you hit, but how well you can take a hard hit and keep moving on. Don’t dwell on failure; just accept it as a human occurrence, and continue working towards your goals.

Remember, that failure is just another way not to succeed, which you discover when you fail. And you successfully discover one when you experience failure.

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