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The beauty of being a Human

Why do we need personality development? Your personality is what you are as a whole, both from outside and what person are you from your inside. You are both a beautiful physical natural existence, and a beautiful being if you choose to. Apparent beauty is what is inevitable or not achievable. And it’s so only if you find someone not beautiful by not seeing what actually should be seen.

The actual beauty lies in..

Your actual beauty lies in what lies in you. The inner you is what makes everyone like you in true sense. Had it not been the case, attractive people would not have been hated. But here we are, not everything appears as it actually is.

Though I must make it clear that I don’t deny that beauty is adorable and attractive, but not without a good character. You may attract people by your beauty but you cannot make them stay with you.

To our advantage, we can learn what matters the most. We can be a better person by personality development. Unlike how we look like, what we are from inside can be upgraded.

We can modify the way we think, the way we perceive things and the way we present things. We can learn to deal with what’s wrong and how to avoid it and aspire to be good by doing what’s right.

Here are 10 tips following which you can start your personality development task. All the best!

1. Be humble:

I start my list by being humble because I believe that no matter how good you are you should be humble. For if you’re not, you’re not welcome. You’re not appreciated no matter what you achieve, because nobody likes arrogance, the resultant of not being humble and success.

Life isn’t just about having what you want, it’s more about giving what others want. And that way, you get what you actually desire, happiness, peace, and self-satisfaction. Don’t exist to prove you’re right, rather be there to sort the differences.

2. Be helpful:

Why would you want to improve your personality, why did you search for personality development? For your personal growth, I suppose, in very plain language, to be good. Goodness, how broad a term is that. Can there be good without being helpful?

Man’s ultimate desire being to achieve happiness, trust me, there’s nothing that will make you happier.

3. Let your dress aid you in personality development:

What influences the first impression people create of you after your face is your dress. You have to decide what you want everyone to think about you the moment they see you.

Seen a child wearing his favorite dress? Does it not affect his mood? It must affect yours too may it not be the favorite one but the one you’re complacent with at least. And I’m not trying to add into your obsession for new clothes, just be presentable. Neatness is one factor that needs to be considered of utmost importance here. Also, smell good if you want to go further.

4. Work on your communication skills:

Before we give our introduction, our communication skill gives it all out. The way we speak and the vocabulary which we select for conveying says it out loud. You may say the same thing twice with different effects and consequences by varying how you say it. That’s how important communication skill is.

Select your words appropriately, know which tone to speak in. And more about this will require more space and time. So, you better refer to this article to know the barriers of communication and this one on how to improve your communication skills.

5. Learn to control your emotions:

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We are controlled by the glands which secrete the hormones which sometimes make us do what we wouldn’t in normal situations. That’s what an emotion is, it sure is a necessity but you shouldn’t let go of yourself if trapped in one.

Don’t let your anger dominate your logical reasoning. And don’t let your joy for something overtake your ability to decide rationally. Decisions that are taken under the emotional influence often leads to regrets.

6. Get rid of negativity, it kills personality development:

Know what negativity is in order to get rid of it. Identify it before it causes irreparable damage to you or your relationship. And hence will also be a huge hurdle on your path to personality development. Don’t let anyone influence you by negative thought and turns yours into one. Emotions like hatred, pride, and jealousy, for instance, will destroy your spiritual self and do no good.

Have a positive approach. This is just the converse of what the last point was, obviously. You cannot suppress negativity until you promote positive thought. Just like you need light to fight darkness, you need love to fight hatred.

7. Value your time for personality development:

Time deserves so much respect from us. Time is what our life is, and managing time is the key to success. More you respect it and the more you utilize it, the more are the chances of your achievement. In fact, even if you don’t achieve what you intended you, time doesn’t disappoint you. It gives you experience. The invaluable asset one earns with the progress in life.

Wasting time is being disrespectful with it, with yourself. Being your own enemy in a sense, because that’s how you will be wasting yourself. You don’t need anything before time to start working on your personality development. Take care of your time and time will take care of your life.

I suggest you read these reasons why you need a schedule.

8. Watch your body language to improve your personality:

The way you walk and even the way you stand and sit portrays your personality. You enter a place and everyone gets an idea of who and what you are at first glance. How is that? Try it. Don’t you judge someone’s moment you see that person the first time?

Why some people act cautiously in the presence of some complete stranger and totally neglect some other stranger. Both were strangers, but the response and how they are treated varies. Because one of the reasons is the way their body language is. Developing a good body language is an essential part of personality development.

Your body language announces your success and failures in life. You wouldn’t trust a person with drooping shoulders for a responsible critical task, would you? Why? You know the answer.

9. Follow your passion:

You need achievements in life to groom your personality. Success will fuel your journey in personality development. And it’s a lot easier and enjoyable to gain success in doing something you like. Let your passion guide you, fulfill it, work on it and upgrade it. Take it to the heights of your capability.

Take it where you can taste success and experience the joy of it. This will also boost your self-confidence level with which you could conquer the world.

Those with a growth mindset enjoy challenges

10. Be open to learning:

Never ever forget one thing, that there’s no limit to where you can reach. There’s no limit as to what you could grow yourself into. That’s the beauty of life, you never get full of it. Personality development is consistent learning for the betterment of your personality.

No matter how good you are or you be, there’s still goodness out there waiting for you to collect. Don’t settle for what you have, let not the thirst for betterment be quenched with what has been achieved. Let no opportunity be missed, and remember that opportunities don’t last, neither do they wait.

Focusing on what suits you best is also a necessity in knowing and planning what works best for you? How would you do that? Observe yourself. Yes, there are a lot of personality tests available too, but how reliable they are is debatable.


  • Don’t let arrogance rule you.
  • Don’t be selfish
  • Maintain a presentable appearance. Both your body and dress.
  • Learn communication etiquettes and skills.
  • Watch how you react to things. Don’t overreact or show aggression. Keep your cool.
  • Don’t incline yourself toward imitation.
  • Learn Patience
  • Embrace criticism. Acknowledge your mistakes.
  • Appreciate everyone.
  • Learn to be mentally strong
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