10 Tips on How to make people like you

When someone tells you “I don’t like you” it hurts. Four words we hate to hear. For some reason, we all like to be liked.

No revelation there. It’s how we’re wired, human psychology. We hate it when people don’t like us. That is the reason why it’s essential to know how to make people like you.


These are a few things which you can do to make people like you.

1. How to make people like you by complimenting

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Compliments are like a boomerang once you give a compliment it’s more likely that it will come back. The truth about compliments is it feels amazing when people listen to the compliments. But whenever we are giving a compliment, we have to make sure that we are not using the same compliment again and again because they get used to that compliment and after some time that compliment doesn’t mean much to them.

A compliment will have a significant impact if it’s a special one. if we can find out what they are working on, notice that while they are working and on that if we complement it really strikes them and create a positive impact on you, and that will make that person like you


2. Zero cost approach

Many unlikable people turn socializing into a series of transactions. If you want a favor, you owe them a favor. For every interaction, they give a price tag, and that just makes them look selfish. Instead, use a zero-cost approach if someone wants your help just give it to them without expecting a favor in return. People don’t want to feel like they owe you for every little thing you do.

If you make the other person feel that you are only concerned about his well-being, then you are creating the right image of yourself. You should help because you want to help not to get a favor in return. If you have compassion for other people and if you genuinely care about the people around you then they will start liking you.


3. Apologize

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The way you react to a mistake speaks volumes about your character. Defensiveness comes from an overabundance of pride. Prideful people refuse to admit their guilt because it would ruin their image. They overvalue themselves.

They are developing an inflated ego that can’t bear to be wrong. Pride and arrogance drive people away from you. If you want to be liked then just simply admit your mistake and apologize. Once the other person sees the guilt in you, he then has a positive image of you which will lead that person to like you.

4. Make them feel important

You can make people like you by making them feel important, but this is not about creating an illusion you shouldn’t be faking it. This trick works only when we actually care about the other person. You have to listen, pay attention, and remember the essential details about them.

You have to demonstrate a genuine interest in what they have to say. The objective is to show how interesting you think they are. This will give them a massive boost in their confidence. When you make someone else feel good, they will think that you are that much more likable.

5. Agree to disagree

If you get into an argument with someone, don’t try to win. Don’t try to prove them wrong or make them feel bad. In the heat of the moment, it might seem worthwhile to argue, but you won’t change anyone’s mind; you just push them away. Likable people don’t care if their opinions differ from someone else’s. They can discuss different subjects without changing the views of other people. This is a tough thing to do; it takes years of practice.

When we feel strongly about something, we naturally want others to agree with us if they don’t understand then frustration and anger can make you say things that you don’t mean. These hurtful comments can and will ruin the relationship. If we respect other opinions, they will reciprocate back. Then this will lead that person to like you.

6. Reciprocal liking

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Although it seems too simple to be true, research in psychology has shown time and again that we like people who like us. In a series of intelligent studies, the power of what’s called “reciprocal liking” has proven itself. The idea is as simple as that.

When our liking for others becomes apparent, people are prone to return the liking. In the same way, if you don’t like a person then automatically that other person also doesn’t like you. That is the reason why whenever you meet someone, you have to make them feel that you like them.

7. Smile

The absolutely simplest way to get people to like you is to smile genuinely. People crave being around others that are fun and happy because it’s contagious. You’ll make them feel good just by being present. Smiling is the first indicator that you are a person they probably want to be around. Smile, and you’re in.

Remember, if you act like you are happy, you’ll probably feel more joyful. Don’t force fake smile others will be able to detect it but do know that if you’re in not so great of a mood, sometimes faking it can fool your mind into feeling better.

8. Be a good listener

When you listen to someone, you will find out about what interests them and what is important to them. Listening doesn’t mean thinking about what you are going to say next but instead trying to understand the other person and where they are coming from.

Asking questions that prompt the other person to clarify their thoughts and provide more information about themselves helps to show that you are engaged in what they are saying and are interested in hearing more.

9. Have a good sense of humor

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It is hard to hate a person with a good sense of humor or someone who has a carefree approach to life. Generally, the most-liked people are the ones that can fill any room with laughter.

It may not be in your nature to be a jokester that’s okay but Just make sure you are ready to see the humor in something. Be someone who can laugh easily and smile often. You’ll win people over.

10. Like yourself

Finally, if you don’t like yourself, why should anyone else? That inner negativity will seep through your day-to-day actions, and people will see it. And why not love yourself? You’re awesome. At least as impressive as the people around you.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not it’ll show if you try. Know who you are and adjust these tips to your personality. It pays off in the long run, even if you march to the beat of your own drum. Any changes you try to force will just wear away with time, so it’s best to be natural from the get-go.