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How to stay positive

How to stay positive

All the people in the world have one question in common i.e., how to stay positive because the world is full of negative things, and …

types of communication

Everything about the types of communication

What is communication: Communication is derived from a Latin word commūnicāre, meaning “to share.”This is a process of exchanging information, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions …

how to make people like you

How to make people like you[10 tips]

When someone tells you “I don’t like you” it hurts. Four words we hate to hear. For some reason, we all like to be liked. …

Stress due to corona

Approaches to Manage Stress due to Coronavirus

Are you stressed? The most important thing in times of panic and crisis is the ability to make the right decision. Here are approaches to …

Corona psychology

Why are you scared of Corona Virus?

It’s alarming to discover that a disease, for example, coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading over the globe. We’re all involved in tension invited by this pandemic. …