How to build unbreakable confidence?

What is Unbreakable confidence?

The confidence which can stand the trial of time. The confidence is rugged enough to survive the impact of harshness and resistance. 

What resistance one may ask,


Resistance is the situation where you need to stand against the odds based on your confidence. The intensity of the resistance tests the intensity of your confidence. 

Sometimes the situations turn out to be stronger than the confidence level, and that’s where the confidence breaks and they give up.

Ever wondered what makes strong people so? 


Think of someone whom you’ve seen taking tough decisions and standing firm on them. Think of someone who stands firm no matter how unfavorable circumstances turn around them. 

What kind of personality do you see?

Signs of Unshakable Confidence

  1. They don’t let the situations, no matter how adverse change their decision.
  2. They respond with Equanimity even in the shakiest situations. 
  3. Their unbreakable confidence could be heard and felt in their tone and selection of words. When they speak, they broadcast their confidence to others. 
  4. People with confidence are the people with determination, they are imminent in starting what they have to without delay, no excuses. 
  5. They are generous in expressing happiness in other’s success. 
  6. Failures don’t slow them, not for long at least. 
  7. Their body language says it all. They’re always open with nothing to hide. 
  8. They are eager to learn whatever adds to their benefit, which grows their confidence further. 

How to build Ubreakable confidence?

Who does not want confidence? We all do.


I know you do, that’s why you’re here. And I’m glad you’re in the right place, but,

Reading about unbreakable confidence won’t boost your confidence. Chances are you hardly could recall two or three strategies you’re going to read, and this normally happens with personal development seekers. 

I don’t want you to be one of them. I want you to take away something.

Be mindful about yourself, assess yourself while you read. See where you stand and where you have to take yourself, I’m just trying to show you the journey, you have to walk yourself through it. 

I believe you are capable because you have all the resources you want to achieve whatever you want to. 

Let’s begin.

1. Know that you are incomparable

What often breaks the confidence of some people is their inclination towards comparison. They keep comparing themselves with each and everyone around. 

Why do they have to do that? 

I mean, competition is good, but a comparison isn’t. 

There’s no reason for you to keep comparing yourself with everyone around you. Because not everyone in this world is the same, we’re not here for a competition. You are here to do your bit, which might have nothing to do with someone you’re comparing yourself with. 


You might be comparing yourself to something you don’t need to achieve for yourself. If someone is good at speaking French, and you score yourself low because you aren’t as good, why do you even have to? 

It’s good to be better, but you can’t and you don’t have to be the best. 

And you cannot compare a fish with a bird, they’re just different. 

I know that I’m not the best and I don’t have to compare myself with anyone because I know that the world is big enough to have a lot better than me in all fields. I just have to see how good can I become. 

Know that there is no competition and everyone is equal, just different

2. Be loyal to your commitments

You cannot have any confidence, leave alone the unbreakable confidence if you keep swinging around your commitments. 

Success always demands consistency, and you get this consistency with determination and unbreakable confidence. 

Yes, I know that’s why you’re reading this, I’m supposed to tell you how to get it. 

See here, listen,

It’s very obvious to most of us that some things are interrelated, say directly proportional as we say in maths. Growth in any one factor contributes to the growth of the other. So is here when confidence and consistency are under consideration. 

You’ve to be stubborn when it’s about your commitment, nothing should take you apart. The more firm you are, the more confident you get, and this goes to the extent of unshakable confidence. 

3. Look forward to changes

Nobody can come up with a perfect plan, because nobody can predict the future as it will be. If you learn to face the unpredictable, your confidence is sure to grow with each such experience. 

And again a loop here, the more confidence you develop, the easier it will be to deal with such situations. Just be prepared that it might not go as you’ve thought, not always at least. 

4. Let the confidence be within, not just the portrayal

Of course, I do agree that fake it till you make it works, and I recommend you do it till you attain a genuine state of confidence. Which you’ll get if you’re doing it right by the way. 

Let me take it a level higher,

Fake it not merely outside, fake it from within, tell yourself that you’re confident. Don’t fake it where you know and feel that it’s fake and you’re trying to portray to others what you aren’t.

No, you’re not faking it to others. You’re training yourself how to be confident, telling yourself that this is how I am and this is how I must behave.

Use affirmations and be mindful of your state to practice this. 

feel powerful

5. Be positive and practical

Now you do have to stick to your commitments but,

Don’t entangle yourself in any unrealistic commitments. You have to be practical. 

This is very critical, or else you’ll end up nowhere.

Though you should push your limits, try to 

6. Being confident isn’t being loud

Don’t make a lot of noise to show your confidence. It will already sound like an unsuccessful attempt to fabricate confidence. 

Let your actions speak, they’ll anyway be louder than words. 

You won’t have to convince anyone that you’re confident. And why should you have to? It’s about you, that’s what matters most.

limiting beliefs.

In the journey of life, you might have come across situations that might have held you back. 

Whatever may it be which you couldn’t achieve at that point in life doesn’t prove that you can’t now. 

Don’t ever let yourself lose trust in yourself. Don’t let any limiting belief haunt you and restrict your success. 

You can get in touch with me if you’re facing an obstacle in the pursuit of your goal. I’ll be glad if I could be of any help, don’t mind if I take some time to respond though. 

8. Embrace Simplicity

Those white confident about themselves don’t need anything else to support their authority. They’re just least into exposure and exhibition.

There’s just no need to go for complexity when simplicity does what’s required to be done. 

And don’t rely on anything else than yourself to portray yourself. Of course, I don’t deny a decent dress which certainly supports your confidence. I have a whole article about how to increase your confidence where I’ve discussed this.

9. Do what you’re uncomfortable with.

What makes you believe that you can do it? 

You, doing it.

Biggest blow you can give to your limiting beliefs is by showing yourself that it’s not true. These beliefs keep you from doing what you think you can’t but should do if you want success. 

It isn’t a mystery that only a few people manage to achieve extraordinary success. Or should I say only some are brave enough to take that leap of faith? This faith in yourself is an essential ingredient of success. 

Clearly speaking, if you want to progress, be prepared for what you might not be comfortable with. For had it been so, everyone would have achieved their dreams, but most of them don’t. Success isn’t achieved with ease.

kid with unbreakable confidence

10. Gain Experience

Every attempt takes us closer to achievement, or should I say is already an achievement. Because no matter you get what you’re expecting to or not, you certainly get experience. 

Every failure takes you closer to achievement, more that you were before the last FAILED attempt. 

11. Be Self Aware.

Keep a watch over yourself, your feelings, emotions and thoughts. Yes they’re all different. 

Watch over your thinking pattern, what keeps you going and what makes you lose your motivation and threatens your confidence. Convince yourself, do a lot of positive self talk and use affirmations to keep your confidence intent.

12. Accept your flaws.

I would sim it up in two lines for you.

Did thee not knoweth the fact?

None but God is exact.

Having unrealistic expectations is doing injustice to yourself. Know your limits and be practical and realistic. Don’t use it as an excuse to hide behind your limiting beliefs though. You’ll be destroying yourself that way.

There’s nothing wrong with embracing your flaws. In fact, it empowers you by making you invincible. Nobody can taunt you of your flaws, because you already are aware of and acknowledge them. 

Some of us consider the natural degenerating changes as a flaw too. We change as we get old, it’s natural and moreover, people may even judge your experience and reliableness by guessing your age. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about your aging, that’s something that needs attention. Exercise and use appropriate resources to look and feel young and energetic.

13. Focus on your strengths.

Like they said Bruce Lee said that he fears not who practiced 10000 kicks only once but fears who practiced one kick 10000 times.

Don’t worry about how many skills you have, even if it’s one, focus on it, master it. You’ll be more valuable with mastery in one skill than just knowing a hundred and mastery in none, comparably speaking.

I’m not against learning new skills, I’m just preferring to matter the existing one over learning a new one. Or I’m trying to say that don’t be a Jack of all trades and master of none.

I can help you build your confidence if you will. Do drop me a message if you want to know-how.