Mind Matters: Unlocking Mental Wellness forHealthy Aging in Seniors

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We eventually reach our golden years as we travel through life, which is a period of introspection and leisure. But maintaining our mental health is just as important for aging gracefully as maintaining our physical health. In this article, we’ll examine the significance of mental wellness for seniors’ healthy aging and look at doable strategies…Read more

How to Make Someone Who Hates You Like you

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At some point in life, we have all experienced a situation where someone we know hates us for no apparent reason. It could be a friend, co-worker, or even a family member. Whatever the reason may be, it’s never a pleasant feeling to be disliked by someone. However, there are steps you can take to…Read more

How To Develop A Winning Attitude

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If you want to succeed in life, you need to develop a winning attitude. Think positive, work hard and never give up on your dreams. With a winning attitude, anything is possible! Define what a winning attitude is. A winning attitude is an inner state of mind that causes a person to consistently take actions…Read more

Limiting Beliefs could be Stopping You from Being Successful

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Do you limit your own success by having beliefs that are unhelpful? You may not even be aware of these limiting beliefs because they are so ingrained in your psyche. Why would you limit yourself intentionally? Most people who come to my coaching sessions are totally unaware of how their own thoughts and beliefs are…Read more

Golden nuggets to improve team performance in the workplace.

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One of the benefits of attending any conference is coming away with “golden nuggets,” those little learning gems that help improve team performance in your organization. An important part of leadership is to know how to improve team performance in the workplace. Opportunities to learn are everywhere. And especially when we’re into a symposium that…Read more

How to stay positive

How to stay positive

All the people in the world have one question in common i.e., how to stay positive because the world is full of negative things, and how you handle them shows who you really are. I think with all the negativity in the world, it’s essential to stay positive. We should think of ourselves as a…Read more

Approaches to Manage Stress due to Coronavirus

Stress due to corona

Are you stressed? The most important thing in times of panic and crisis is the ability to make the right decision. Here are approaches to assist you with facilitating stress and anxiety encompassing the pandemic situation we all are going through with the Coronavirus. All that’s heard isn’t true.  Distance yourself from news sources that…Read more

How to overcome Inferiority Complex

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What is inferiority complex? The feeling of inadequacy of oneself with comparison to others in any aspect perceiving yourself inferior and derogatory to others is an inferiority complex. So, how to overcome inferiority complex that gives us the feeling of smallness, helplessness, incompetence, and weakness that creates a belittled self-image. Should you be concerned about…Read more

59 ways how you choose to be happy, always.

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Aren’t you happy? Aren’t you happy? Learn how to be happy again. You must have been when you were a child. You were energetic, motivated, and happy, weren’t you? You must have known how to be happy by yourself, how to be happy alone, you didn’t even need things back then. We all get broke…Read more

Growth Mindset

Know what is growth mindset and what is its impact on your life. This very information can change the way you think and way you live