Six Ways To Improve Patient Engagement

Helping patients on the road to recovery or simply to improve their overall health is complex. It requires many moving parts to work in sync. One component that plays a big role in determining patient well-being is engagement from patients themselves. Although healthcare professionals cannot control their patients’ levels of engagement, there are numerous strategies they can utilize to help improve patient engagement rates.

One such strategy is using technology to enhance the patient experience. Effective communication is crucial in driving engagement and delivering quality care. Today, with the considerable advancements in technology, communicating with patients has never been easier. There are apps designed to provide patient education, send medication reminders, host telehealth visits and so on — all of which can be highly beneficial in fostering awareness and even enthusiasm. 


Furthermore, integrated technological solutions, such as wearables and mobile health devices, can be great drivers in patient engagement. From connected glucometers and pulse oximeters to wearable activity trackers, these various devices have the potential to keep patients attentive to their personal health metrics through self-monitoring while simultaneously delivering the results to caregivers. This helps people to be more proactive in their own health journey. Although these tools haven’t seen widespread adoption, providers are still encouraged to educate patients on their benefits.

Another route providers could consider is switching to a concierge medicine model. There are many benefits for both doctors and patients in this up-and-coming approach. A prominent one is that it allows for stronger rapport and, therefore, more productive relationships. As they receive more personalized attention and care, concierge patients report higher levels of satisfaction. What’s more, concierge medicine has even been shown to generate greater patient engagement and higher retention rates.

These are just two ways to improve patient engagement. For the full six ways healthcare providers can see greater patient engagement levels, please see the accompanying resource from Specialdocs Consultants.


Infographic created by SpecialDocs Consultants, a medical practice consulting company