How to reach the peak of the pyramid of needs, Self-Actualization?


Our needs We are beings of necessities, for existence, survival, growth, satisfaction, and sustenance. We have both physiological and emotional needs to be fulfilled. And it is often these unfulfilled needs that lead to psychological disorders and complexities. What is self-actualization? Despite being very important and unavoidable, necessities are, after all, needs, not goals. We…Read more

How to get motivated

how to get motivated

Why to get motivated? Why get motivated should be clear before you go about how to get motivated. There’s an obvious reason to motivate yourself, to keep you climbing the stairway to success. It’s not just the calories that keep us going, I mean they are, but they just provide you with the energy to…Read more

How Daily Schedule Can Ease Your Pain

have a daily schedule

Why do we need a daily schedule? Because life is time and time is life. Every second is the currency we’re spending to stay among the living ones and the moment we run out of it, we move out of it. The value of time shall rise when the fact that how much are we…Read more