These Food Favorites Are Damaging Your Teeth

If you are consuming too large quantities of unhealthy food, this may cause a build-up of plaque, putting you more at risk of Oral Health Conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay. It is never too late to start improving your dental hygiene by regular dental visits, brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and limiting harmful foods.


You may have grown up hearing that candy would rot your teeth, but why? Candy is high in sugar which turns into acid when met with the bacteria in your mouth; as a result, tooth enamel erodes, and holes in your teeth start to form. Try to opt for sugar-free snacks!



Beer may be Americans’ reigning favorite adult beverage, but it can quickly wear away at your teeth’s enamel due to the carbonic acid. Enamel loss is the leading cause of tooth sensitivity and cavities, so drink in moderation to avoid damage.

Cavities require treatment, or they worsen over time. Fillings are often the first choice when replacing the missing area of the tooth. You can visit a practice like for treatment. The tooth decay is removed, and a biocompatible material is used to cover the hole for reasons of comfort, esthetics, and function. The treatment can range from $50 to $250 per one to two teeth, so make sure to eat healthy to stay cavity-free and avoid dental bills stacking up.


Pickles are made with vinegar – which is highly acidic – so making a habit of eating them can wear down your enamel and contribute to tooth decay. If you cannot part ways with vinegar-soaked foods, be sure to rinse your mouth after eating them to improve your dental hygiene.



Potentially the worst of them all, soda is a triple threat to your teeth and is a leading cause of tooth decay. The carbonation, sugar, and acids encourage plaque build-up and weaken tooth enamel and cavities. This damage can occur even if you regularly brush and floss your teeth, so avoid drinking more than one a day and opt for a straw if possible.


Coffee is not directly a cause of cavities, but drinking too much can weaken your enamel over time and leave your teeth sensitive and susceptible to disease. Coffee mostly poses cosmetic risks due to its staining properties, but any drink that is not water can cause bacteria to grow in your mouth.

Adding milk and rinsing your mouth with water afterward both help reduce these issues and are top tips for getting your caffeine fix of the day guilt-free.


Citrus Fruits

Oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are good for boosting vitamin C levels, but whilst they taste fresh, their high acidic content will leave your teeth feeling otherwise. Be mindful when eating and drinking citrus fruits to prevent leaving your teeth vulnerable. Replacing your citrus fruits with fruits that are lower in sugar can be an effective way to reduce tooth damage.


One of the nation’s go-to breakfast favorites, but often misleading. Cereal is fortified with nutrients but usually contains added sugar. Starting off each day with a high quantity of sugar can leave your mouth acidic and at risk. Opt for natural granola and berries for a low-sugar alternative.

Beautiful teeth have a huge contribution to a beautiful personality. Unhealthy teeth or loss of teeth could result in loss of self-confidence, inferiority complex, or even lead social anxiety and stress. You also must read about how mental health and dentistry are related.

The sad part is that the damage is irreversible, and the good news is, that there are solutions for those who’ve lost their tooth. Dental implants are also a solution for the artificial teeth to be able to look good, eat and speak as you would with normal teeth.