How are Discipline and Success interrelated

The contribution of discipline in your success

Most of us recognize people at first sight or the second at most. And no, I am not talking about the person’s identity; instead, I’m talking about the personality’s identity. In other words, not who the person is, but what the person is.

How your parents name you gives you an identity, and then how you portray yourself, by creating a character of yourself by your behavior, experience, and decisions gives you recognition. It’s sort of like brand-building, apart from marketing, it takes a good user experience to build a brand.

How does discipline put you in charge?

How many things are you capable of controlling in your life?  The more control you have over something, the more success you could achieve. Assess yourself. How many aspects of your life are in your control? I’m not going to stress on uncontrollable aspects of wasting your time. 


Let’s narrow it down, are you in control of yourself? 

Can you control your emotions when they hinder your decision-making? Can you control your desire when your brain fights it with logic?

Let me tell you, that’s what discipline is. Discipline is making yourself follow the rules. It’s controlling yourself, trying to make you the way you want. You can’t get what you want if you are helpless. 

Having no discipline is being helpless

Because then you’ll not be able to direct you or guide yourself into a pattern of behavior and personality that you want.

It’s like losing to yourself. Your emotions lure you into a not-so-logical behavior that you helplessly accept despite knowing that you’ll regret it later. Being able to overcome your desire and emotional urge shows your willpower and your power to bear the pain to achieve what you want. 

“In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves… self-discipline with all of them came first.” –

 Harry S. Truman

Having a WIll Power

If you don’t have willpower, you’ll just be forced to flow by the wave. You need to know which direction you must go, and what keeps you going is your willpower. The one thing that shows you have is self-discipline. 

It shows how much importance you give to yourself. And you need ample motivation to have that goal razor-sharp in your vision.


The Self-Respect

Do you behave the same with everyone? Nobody does, you have a different way of approach for everyone friending on what? Redirect the level you have for that person.

What happens to a noisy class when suddenly the teacher enters the room? A respectable one, of course. It’s our effort to retain our self-esteem in front of someone we respect.

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”

Clint Eastwood


If you respect yourself, then you retain that level of discipline with yourself. You’ll speak, walk, sit, and even sleep with nobility and discipline. Although anyone is watching or not. 

You are more bothered about your self-respect, you want to feel proud when you see yourself in the mirror. You know that you are in the company of a very dignified person, yourself. And in this company, you cannot afford to let go of your discipline. 

The habit building 

Your habits make you who you are. They are the building blocks of your character, the consistent ones. You can only pretend to be good if you have an inappreciable habit.

And it takes an average of 66 days to develop a habit, yes 21 days just aren’t enough. Now it’s not just about days; you can’t just go on doing something and count days. 

Well! It has got to be more than that. It takes a consistent effort in fighting against the temptation of breaking the chain. No matter if you’re working on developing desirable behavior or getting rid of the undesirable one, you’re going to have resistance.

A set of good habits make you respectable and self-confident.


It makes you respectable

It shows others how strong you are. Because you don’t compromise, because you don’t care how much pain it takes, or how much difficulty you’ve to go through, you’ll still do what you should no matter how much trouble it takes. 

This self-discipline shows everyone why you are unique and why you are different. It shows everyone why you are better than everyone else. 

It creates the respect level, and people will look upon you. It’ll make you admirable because that’s how everyone wants to be like. To have control, to have authority, to have respect, and be successful. To be disciplined and successful.

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