Anxiety Level Test

These GAD-7 questions could be used as a screening tool that can help you find out if you might have an
anxiety disorder that needs treatment. It calculates how many common symptoms you have and based
on your answers suggests where you might be on a scale, from mild to severe anxiety.

On a scale of 0 to 3 answer how often in the last two weeks have you suffered the following problems.

0- Never

1- Several days in the last two weeks.

2- More than half the days in the last two weeks.

3- Nearly every day in the last two weeks.

It is to remember that this is just an estimation based on what you have perceived of your mental state and is not a substitute to an official test taken by a professional Psychotherapist.
I suggest you approach a doctor if you get a score of moderately severe anxiety based on your self-assessment of the severity of the issue if you feel that your anxiety level is persistent.
And I strongly suggest you approach a professional if your score is severe anxiety.
Wishing you the very best.

1.Feeling nervous, anxious or on edge
2.Not being able to stop or control worrying
3.Worrying too much about different things
4.Trouble relaxing
5.Being so restless that it’s hard to sit still
6.Becoming easily annoyed or irritable
7.Feeling afraid, as if something awful might happen

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