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Start Shaping Your New Life Today

Goal Setting

Unless you have a very crystal clear picture of where you’re heading, it’s difficult to get there. Set your goals today.

Mental Health

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. And a healthy life is lived with a healthy mind. Your mind is YOU!

Stress Management

Life has challenges, and dealing with challenges stresses you out. You can’t skip it, but you can cope with it

Personal Development

Every achievable thing is first achieved mentally. If you know how to picture yourself successful, you’ll be one some day.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

What happens in a Counseling session?

Counseling is a conversational therapy in which your difficulties are listened to and discussed, this may include undesirable feelings and emotions.

A counselor plans to talk you out of the state you are experiencing by using multiple approaches and psychological techniques.

A good counselor can help you see things from a whole new perspective and equip you with the capability to deal with the situation more effectively. 

Counseling isn’t about being judgmental or giving advice to the client by the way, neither it’s about attempting to sort out your problems. 

What Is Life Coaching?

Let’s just say, it’s the journey toward your personal development guided by your life coach. 

It’s a coach’s duty to bring out your full potential and to help you overcome the obstacles in your life and show you the pathway towards your desired goals. 

Life coaching is about providing you the resources you require to overcome the challenges you face on your way towards your goals. 

It’s about your future, your ambitions and goals. And more importantly how to achieve them. Life Coach can help you find what you want? and How to get it? 

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is the wisdom that makes change possible. It’s the wisdom that acknowledges the hidden potential everyone possesses within, often times left unused.

It’s the methodology of modeling confidence, empowerment, a positive state of energy, motivation, and success.

In NLP we try to enlighten people with what is often overseen but could change the way you see the world. And hence will change your approach, behavior, and outcome toward being more desirable.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Best way to find out is to try. Why don’t you try an introductory session where you’ll get to know me and the life coaching or counseling real-time.

It’s better to work together only if we get along well. A session with a Psychologist, counselor, therapist or a life coach can only be fruitful if you desire for change and you have a good coordination. 

In a nutshell, nothing to lose if you try. Even if we don’t proceed to work together, it’ll still be good for me to meet one more wonderful person.  

What can I expect?

More Empowerment

You’ll get rid of the blocks which are holding you back and you’ll find yourself more equipped to pursue your goal.

Do I need a Life Coach?

If you want to upgrade yourself.

You can always plan to have a more controlled personality to get more desired outcome.

How long does it take?

Depends on your necessity

It depends on your plan and requirements. It works good if you go for a weekly session to plan ahead and discuss the progress. It’s totally your call.

Do I give up control if I'm hypnotized?

No, you’re still in control of yourself. It’s just like you are immersed in an activity like you are when you read an interesting book or even while watching a video. 

You can come out of trance anytime you want. 

Is it confidential?


We never disclose any information to anyone. All your data is used entire-fully for planning your progress. We don’t even use your email to approach you or send you our newsletter without your consent.

About Me

I am a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Hypnotherapist and a Counselor with a Masters in Psychology.

I find it interesting to observe people. The versatility in personalities and distinct traits fascinates me. Every character is different but we all can develop our personality by understanding the psychology behind it at a deeper level.

My goal is to enlighten you of your own capabilities, which ironically remain unrecognized. I consider myself fortunate for being able to help people.


Still Have Questions?


“When you are feeling weary, stressed, depressed or any other related matters, I can recommend seeking help from professionals. See through hearts is the best. I had a session with them and I felt so welcomed and comfortable. It helped me a lot to move on with my life and see the bright future ahead. Thank you see through hearts.

“Motivational, every youngster needs it today.”

It’s about time to change yourself.

You don’t have to live with fear, lack of confidence, anxiety, stress, inferiority complex, limiting beliefs, and grief.


I can help you change your habits and change you. Find the purpose of your life.
A session with me will empower you.
Be more coincident, more focused, motivated, purposeful, and lead the life you want.
I’m an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, counselor, and Life Coach.

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