A broad term, so much so that there’s a huge incomplete discussion behind it. Have we understood ourselves? our nature, the way we are, and what makes us, us? The nonapparent features that we own make us along with the physical ones. And together we all are an individually separate and unique blend of qualities that make us and that define our personality. What are those traits and qualities that define a personality? Let’s have a look at some traits that influence our personality and that make us.


How much respect do you have for yourself defines how much respect you will get from others. Did you ever think about how much do you honor yourself? I’m not asking you about the complacency you might have for yourself, because I wouldn’t support it. But what I ask is what is your tolerance level for being disrespectful to yourself? Let me simplify it, do you tolerate dishonoring yourself by being inappropriate or unjust, or dishonest. Being dishonest to anyone is being dishonest to yourself. Because deep inside you won’t like it and for the same reason you’ll have to justify to yourself by creating an illusion of a rational reason which wouldn’t be rational enough to satisfy the deep inside of you. Remember this when you define personality.

Is your personality the same inside out?

Setting in Mirpur

To simplify it further, I have a question for you; do you behave differently in social presence? Why? Isn’t it to maintain your dignity in front of those particular individuals. No matter how close we have a level of dignity to preserve with everyone differently. More with strangers and lesser with those close to you. And what about the one closest to you? Yourself. How do you behave in the presence of yourself reflects how much do you respect yourself. This is how you define the personality of your own. And trust me, I don’t know how, but this leaves a huge impact on your impression on others.


Discipline is primarily how we perceive an ideal way of doing something. There are a set of rules as to how a thing or work should be done for every one individual which defines a personality. A priority sometimes very obsessive which reflects their personality type. You’re more satisfied and happy when things are your way and you get uncomfortable otherwise. East dinner with a stranger and you can guess his or her background and personality type based on table manners. People with a strict schedule and principles in life get asking with someone of their type. And this is written all over their face, including the way they dress and speak.


Such personality types, the disciplined ones are very particular about their time and schedules. And they like getting the work done and getting it done in time and with perfection. They make good leaders if they have other supporting characteristics of the leadership qualities. Any delay or irregularity frustrates them. This punctuality defines their personality.

Taste of dress

well dressed
Dress defines personality

The way we dress is a part of discipline and also self-esteem and self-respect and hence a part of how we define personality. It is how you want to be seen by others. When you won’t tolerate irregularity in your schedule and work, you don’t tolerate any noticeable flaw in your dress. The way you smell and the tolerance of to what extent you can let your clothes get dirty also reflects your personality type.

Body language

The moment a person enters the room, you decide as to how much respect will you give that person, a total stranger. Then you take this decision subconsciously, without even a word of communication. Often times in just a glance. But have you ever thought about why? What did you see in that person? What influenced your decision? Start looking around see the difference in people the way they walk, talk and the expressions they make. Every move you make and the way you make it will define the personality of yours.


This again is interlinked to what we have already discussed above, if you dress well, if you’re punctual and you are disciplined then eventually you’ll be more confident personality and if so then your body language will reflect your confidence level. Watch anyone, you can tell in a glace whether that person is confident or not. Nervousness is sensed even by animals, dogs and horses don’t respond very well to nervous people.

Introvert or extrovert

How good and how comfortable are you in conveying your thoughts and feelings to others, how comfortable are you in approaching them? You might be the one who has the candor to just go and speak with anyone around and you. On the contrary, you might be the one who has millions of thoughts before approaching a stranger. Some are just not comfortable in their own space and tolerate less invasion. This is also a factor that shows our personality type. Some of us are introverts and some are extroverts.



Most of the extroverts might have this quality. For instance, have you seen anyone seeing whom you just feel like going and speaking with that person? You just feel like going and trusting that person, just feel like his or her presence makes you happier and hence you enjoy the company. The person who has no problem making friends, yes this charisma is a part of personality and every personality type has a different level of charisma.


This is more of a part of being charismatic, or you’ll at least be a more charismatic personality type if you have that warmth in you. You are good at comforting others, making them feel special, showing and expressing that special bond you feel with them. They will certainly feel the warmth in you and you will be a very approachable persona for them. It’s about how much you care and how much you appreciate other’s presence. How much of a good host you are not only in your house but in every situation. The wide warm smile that glows on your face the moment you see someone lights up their mood and the warmth is transferred. Moreover, the feeling the energy of which you are the powerhouse if you have the warmth in your personality type. This warmth also defines your personality.


sense of humour

Just like charisma and warmth, the characteristics which support a personality type and define a personality are humor, smile, and how you respond to people when approached. And this all will come naturally to you if you are a warm personality. Hence these actions and reactions of ours play a vital role to define the personality we own.

Are we hard wired?

Is our personality type decided the moment we are born or even before that? When we are in a stage of a human being under progress? Is it just our organs that are being made or even our personality in the prenatal period? Is it all genetic or there are aspects that play a role in the making of our personality type and defining personality? Read here what are the determinants of personality?

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