How to make people like you[10 tips]

When someone tells you “I don’t like you” it really hurts. Four words we hate to hear. For some reason, we all like to be liked. No revelation there. It’s how we’re wired. We hate it when people don’t like us. That is the reason why it’s important to know how to make people like […]Read More

59 ways how you choose to be happy, always.

Aren’t you happy? Contents Aren’t you happy?Have an eye for beautiful things in your life, no matter how small they are.Stop exposure to any negativity around you. Let go of hatred and anger. Be empathetic.Eat healthilyExerciseSleep wellDon’t let stress overtake you. Be a genuinely selfless personBe a good wisherEnjoy helping othersStand for your right, don’t let […]Read More

List of things to do to improve your nonverbal communication

Define nonverbal communication: Contents Define nonverbal communication:Verbal Vs Nonverbal CommunicationEye contactObserveConsider the contextFeatures work in clustersObserve yourself and experimentSee for synchronization between words and actionTone adds the temperature to a wordInterrogate to solidify your guessKnow that our reading could only be a guess Some predominant factors define nonverbal communication. Gestures, facial expressions, subtle moves and […]Read More

Everything you need to know about types of communication

The article below will contain everything you need to know about the types of communication. What is communication: Contents What is communication:Why do we communicate?Types of communications1.Oral communication 2. Written communication 3. Nonverbal Communication:  4. Visual Communication: 5. Intrapersonal communication6. Interpersonal communication Communication is derived from a  Latin word commūnicāre, meaning “to share”.This is a process of exchanging information, […]Read More

Types of nonverbal communication

Eye contact as an example of nonverbal communication Contents Eye contact as an example of nonverbal communicationFacial expressions.Gestures.Posture and body orientation.Body Language.Space and Distance (Proximity)Humor.Touch (Haptic communication)Silence.Visual communication.Sign languageHow much percentage of communication is nonverbal? Speaking of Communication verbally and nonverbally, the area of interest and importance is the face. And in the face, the […]Read More

Importance of Time management

Time management is the key to your success Contents Time management is the key to your successImportance of time managementValue of timeBenefits of time managementMethodsPrioritiesSmart workPracticalityEfficiency and EffectivenessSelf-management:Should we have a to-do list?Why not use a to-do list?Respond to failures, don’t react:Identify the loopholes Importance of time management Time is wealth, time is health, time […]Read More