3 Aspects of Family Planning to Consider

Family planning is not always an easy thing to think about. There are so many options when it comes to birth control and many different things to consider if you do become pregnant, and it can all seem rather overwhelming. This is why it’s not something you should try to work out by yourself. 

The best thing to do when it comes to family planning is to speak to your partner. They will have their own views and ideas, and it might be that between you, you can develop a plan that works for everyone. If you don’t have a partner or don’t want to speak to them about this sensitive subject, then do you have other friends and family you can chat to? Or are there professionals who you could get advice from? Remember, you never have to go through any decision-making alone. Read on to find out more. 



One of the main tasks of a family planning clinic is to provide advice and guidance on contraception. Choosing the right type of contraception for you is not always a simple thing to do – some people prefer to take a pill, others like to use condoms and similar sheaths, and still more want to know more about the rhythm method of contraception, which is all about timing. Besides these, there are many other types of contraception to choose from as well. 

What will work best for you? This might be an easy thing to work out, and perhaps you already know, in which case you can speak to your family planning clinic about obtaining supplies. However, if you need to find out more, this is the right place to go – the experts working there will have all the answers and can determine exactly what is best for you. 

Pregnancy Advice 

Family planning isn’t just about preventing pregnancy – it’s also about helping a woman prepare for the birth of her child and helping with conception in the first place. Getting advice about pregnancy is always going to be valuable, especially if it is taking longer than expected. 


Sometimes, pregnancy is not desired, and family planning can help in this respect too. It’s important to speak to someone if you are concerned or feel that a termination is the best outcome for you. This is why professional advice, such as that from Gynaecology Centres Australia (GCA) at gcaus.com.au, will be invaluable. This is not a decision that should be come to lightly, and the more help you can get – unbiased, professional help, of course – the better, as you will be able to reach a decision that you are happy with. 

Sexually Transmitted Disease 

Pregnancy is not the only outcome of unprotected sex, and sometimes a sexually transmitted disease (STD) can be the result. In this case, you’ll need to be tested and receive the correct treatment to protect yourself and others. 

A family planning clinic is the first place to go if you are concerned you might have developed this kind of condition. They will be able to carry out testing and give you advice as to what to do next and how to take care of yourself in the future.