13 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Food is life. Correct? 

We spend so much of our time thinking about food, prepping it, making it, eating it, and worrying about what it contains whilst we are on a diet.  

The best way to lose weight is to exercise and eat healthy foods, both of these combined give you the best chance to shed those unwanted extra few pounds. 


So let’s cut calories, be happy and replenish our insides with this list of fat-burning foods! 

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This small(ish) green oval has a lot to answer for when it comes to aiding weight loss. 


“Wait! What? But avocados are full of fat?” I hear you say. But you can still incorporate these green machines into your diet without worrying. Healthy fats are essential to a well-balanced diet. As the saying goes ‘everything in moderation. 

Popping some on your plate at meal times 2 or 3 times a week will leave you feeling more satisfied and less likely to snack due to its creamy, thick ways and fiber-rich content.  


Often wrongly referred to as a ‘carb’, but are in fact whole grain nutrients full of soluble fiber. 


High up on the nutritionist satiety index, oats keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours. This in turn will reduce your calorie intake. Win-win. Here’s one organic non-GMO option.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away  

This glorious juicy fruit is one of the most effective weight loss tools to have in your lunchbox. 

Simply put, apples are full of pectin, which binds with water and will put a limit on the amount of fat your cells will absorb. WOW! 

Being full of fiber, apples will keep you feeling fuller for longer. 

Keep it simple with eggs!  

Cheap to buy, easy to source, and quick to make. 

Eggs are high In protein and provide all the nutrients you need on a restricted diet whilst giving your tum that full feeling. 


There is a lot of hype when it comes to grapefruit and weight loss. Miracle food? I’m not sure. But it sure is tasty and satisfying. 

A medium-sized grapefruit contains around 80 calories and has roughly 3 grams of fiber, which will result in you feeling full after consuming a minimum number of calories. 

Leafy greens 

Spinach, collards, kale, and swiss chards are all leafy greens. 

Fill your plate with as much as you want to give your meals to bulk without the guilt. 

Try replacing rice, potatoes, fries, and pasta with these greens for effective weight loss. 


Foods containing plenty of water have a low energy density, enabling you to enjoy them without worrying about the calories. 

Add some water to your favorite veggies and make a filling, tasty soup. 

Lean meats 

Eating foods high in protein such as lean meats can be a step In the right direction to having a slimmer waistline.  

Meat is packed with protein and a great filling nutrient. Ideally, stick to organic lean meats and avoid processed lean meats where possible. 

Beans and legumes  

If you don’t fancy meat try some lentils, chickpeas, peas, or kidney beans in your diet instead.  

These are a filling group of foods containing many nutrients to help you lose weight, keep a healthy gut and gain fiber. 


There are many ways to cook salmon to suit your needs such as grilling, baking, roasting, and more. 

This omega 3 rich fish is a great source of protein and will help you maintain muscles mass whilst working out on a healthy diet.  

Greek yoghurt 

If you fancy something sweet, scrumptious, and filling then Greek (fat-free) yogurt is your answer! 

Pair it with some fruit for that extra bite and satisfaction. 

Greek yogurt can also be used as a healthy cooking substitute in curry. 


Diets aren’t fun at the best of times, so allow yourself to enjoy foods that are “naughty” to help you stay content and focused. 

Selecting a small amount of cheese such as mozzarella, feta or sharp cheddar contains a lesser fat content than most other types. 

Green tea  

I really enjoy green tea, but I don’t drink enough of it. It’s a great thirst quencher and comes in many different flavors, so you are bound to find one you like.  

A great tip for weight loss is to replace a high-calorie drink with green tea, it doesn’t contain calories and It will make you feel great within.