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List of things to do to improve your nonverbal communication

Define nonverbal communication: Some predominant factors define nonverbal communication. Gestures, facial expressions, subtle moves and touches all together are nonverbal forms of communication. The importance of communication is undeniable. And being a skill there’s always room for improvement in ours. If you ask me about the importance of nonverbal communication, then there’s a difference between […]Read More

Types of nonverbal communication

Eye contact as an example of nonverbal communication Speaking of Communication verbally and nonverbally, the area of interest and importance is the face. And in the face, the undisputed center of attraction and attention are the eyes, no matter it’s nonverbal communication or verbal. The windows to the soul didn’t get the title for no […]Read More

Define personality

What makes a personality? A broad term, so much so that there‚Äôs a huge incomplete discussion behind it. Various things which define personality. Have we understood ourselves? our nature, the way we are and what makes us, us? The non-apparent features that we own make us along with the physical ones. And together we all […]Read More