How to overcome Inferiority Complex

Should you be concerned about an Inferiority Complex? An Inferiority Complex is a belief in one’s own inadequacy, no matter if you really aren’t actually inadequate, but your belief will make you one. And that’s why exactly why you should know how to overcome inferiority complex. If you want to know how to deal with […]Read More

What is Inferiority Complex

Inferiority Complex What is Inferiority Complex if one asks, then it’s a sense of inadequacy, doubt and not being up to the mark about one’s own self. In a nutshell, it’s considering one’s own self as not as good, as beautiful or as smart as others, or it could be any other factor of comparison. […]Read More

59 ways how you choose to be happy, always.

Aren’t you happy? Aren’t you happy? Learn how to be happy again. You must have been when you were a child.  You must have known how to be happy by yourself, how to be happy alone, you didn’t even need things back then. We all get broke and stressed out, the world is rude and […]Read More

List of things to do to improve your nonverbal communication

Define nonverbal communication: Some predominant factors define nonverbal communication. Gestures, facial expressions, subtle moves and touches all together are nonverbal forms of communication. The importance of communication is undeniable. And being a skill there’s always room for improvement in ours. If you ask me about the importance of nonverbal communication, then there’s a difference between […]Read More

Types of nonverbal communication

Eye contact as an example of nonverbal communication Speaking of Communication verbally and nonverbally, the area of interest and importance is the face. And in the face, the undisputed center of attraction and attention are the eyes, no matter it’s nonverbal communication or verbal. The windows to the soul didn’t get the title for no […]Read More

Importance of Time management

Time management is the key to your success Importance of time management Time is wealth, time is health, time is everything. You have nothing despite having everything if you don’t have time. And contrarily, you have a chance of having everything despite having nothing if you have time. Time is life, and time management is […]Read More