Personal Development

Patience is the Key

Take a moment to think about how you really feel when you’re angry. Often when we feel anger in a given situation, we want to seek out some sort of resolution. It is not pleasant (for most of us) to feel anger…so we look for a way to bring it to an end. As an […]Read More

Personal Development


Do you want a better lifestyle? Are you fed up with just going with the flow and doing what ‘has to be done instead of what you want? Have you thought for yourself? I think many people struggle with the daily routine they find themselves caught up in, striving, taking back control. Whether we ask […]Read More

Personal Development

The Blame Game

Sometimes it seems that blame is all around us. When something negative occurs, often people immediately seek to find who is “at fault.” In a depressive state of mind, clients sometimes blame themselves for feeling the way that they do. Blame game leading to stress When excessive blaming continues without notice, it becomes more of a reflexive type of response […]Read More


Face the Camera Fearlessly, 5 days Workshop

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Mental Health

Methods for Gaining Self-Composure

Many of us have difficulty controlling our responses in pressure-filled, stressful situations. And it’s in these high-pressure situations that we sometimes need to make critical decisions. One wrong decision under pressure or anger could ruin things for you big time. Self-composure, mindfulness is an art that needs mastery to avoid such drastic situations. Tips to […]Read More


If there is no way then create one

This is for all the people that feel that they are stuck or who are trying to change their life but don’t see any real or not enough progress. Just remember that it starts with you. Change how you feel first and then the results will come. It’s about feeling good :). Positive vibes attract […]Read More

Mental Health

The Ostrich Head Syndrome

Throughout my life here on the planet, I have come to find that the most paralyzing thing in my life is fear.  The fight or flight adrenal response Everybody has an adrenal response to fear and most people refer to it as ‘fight or flight’.  This is where you are confronted by a lion and […]Read More

Personal Development

8 Revealing Secrets to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

Second-guessing plagued me just about every weekend. I wasn’t very good at choosing which social invitations to accept, always worrying that if I said “yes” to something before I knew what all my options were, that I’d somehow miss out on something better. The problem with that mentality is that sometimes something better doesn’t come […]Read More