How to Stop Being Unproductive

stop being unproductive

We don’t get enough of one thing, ever, time. The Babylonians categorized time into minutes and hours, but time is life.  Yes, it is, and while you are reading this, you’re using it. Don’t worry, though, am all into making it productive.  After all, it’s not how many hours, days, or years we’ve or we’ll…Read more

How are you using the lockdown time?

scared boy

Didn’t you ever take a sigh of regret and think that “I wish I had more time to do that”? Like you wish you could’ve learned what you cannot learn now because you don’t have time for it? Guess what? Wish granted. Using the time for the right thing is upon you though On troubled…Read more

Time management is the key to your success

Time management

Importance of time management Time is wealth, time is health, time is everything. You have nothing despite having everything if you don’t have time. And contrarily, you have a chance of having everything despite having nothing if you have time. Time is life, and time management is life management. Does that not give enough significance…Read more