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We are more than happy to accept your piece of work in the relevance to our topic of self help, psychology, life skills, motivation and communication skills. We prefer someone like you who sticks to rules of course, which hence we list down:

  1. We publish only 100% unique content because you are unique you need to present your article as so.
  2. We accept only English content with no spelling and grammatical errors, this shouldn’t have been mentioned though.
  3. Use a catchy title and subheadings
  4. Do not include affiliate links
  5. Approval length for content starts for a minimum of 1000 words.
  6. No offensive sentences, no relevance to immodest content, or any topic as such gambling and alcoholism will not be accepted.
  7. You need you to include one free stock image appropriate for the content, which also should be apparently modest. We don’t promote provocative or objectifying a human being’s images.
  8. No self-promotional links of any sort unless one linked back to your site which is absolutely relevant (link count=1). And a link in your bio to your social profile.
  9. will check to see if you’ve written the same post for another site in the past.
  10. I reserve the right to edit, remove, or change anything about your post to best suit the needs of this blog’s readers.
Insert the link to the image you wan't as feature image.

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