Everything you need to know about types of communication

What is communication: Communication is derived from a  Latin word commūnicāre, meaning “to share”.This is a process of exchanging information, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions through speech, signals, writing, or behavior. In the communication process, a sender encodes a message and then using a medium/ channel sends it to the receiver who decodes the message […]Read More

How to stay motivated(10 tips)

Do you lack enthusiasm and a zest for life? Are you somebody who believes that ‘I will do that’ but never actually does it. If you never do what you intend to do, you may well have a problem with motivation. When you have the motivation, you are driven and more determined to create the […]Read More

How to control your anger

  Anger is not a condition, it’s a symptom that your life is unbalanced. If you get insufficient sleep, go without breakfast, spend every day including weekends working, rarely exercise, and have no time for yourself, you’ll be prone to extreme irritation and anger.it’s very important to know how to control your anger. A person […]Read More

How to stop overthinking(6 tips)

Nowadays most of the people are facing the problem of overthinking. They all have the same question In their minds that is how to stop overthinking. The reason why they all have that question in their minds is because of the following reasons. Overthinking is destroying our lives. A scientific fact states that people who […]Read More

How to increase the confidence

Most of us have a very common question in our mind that is how to increase the confidence. With this article, I would try to suggest a few methods with which we can improve our confidence. Research tells us that the human brain can think of five to nine things at the same time, so […]Read More